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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JimsLocalLawn, May 1, 2013.

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    So a few months ago I bought a 36" Bradley belt drive mower. I wanted to give an unbiased review of my experience. They were very friendly to deal with (I purchased factory direct) and I got a fantastic price. I got a 36" belt drive, 5 speed peerless transmission, UPGRADED Kawasaki 16hp V-twin engine, a 2 wheel sulky, delivered to my house for $1750 TOTAL.

    Wow this is a real commercial mower, I know lots on here say its junk chinese quality but they obviously never put their hands on it. Very heavy duty 7 gauge steel deck, very high quality spindles, belts, about 10 grease points on the machine, etc.

    I also heard that parts would be impossible to get for the machine, wrong again... Mine was sent to me in a crate (fully assembled by my request) but I noticed the left sulky wheel was missing a lynch pin and washer. I called them up they sent me the part FREE of charge and express shipped it to me! At my house in 2 days. About a month of mowing with it and I lost the air valve on top of the fuel tank, called them up... no problem sent it to me free of charge, no questions asked! They also told me all parts are available online on their website if I needed to order anything.

    I also read on how the quality of cut is poor... wrong again! This thing will strip a lawn like a golf course! The mower comes with factory Hi-Lift blades which disperses clippings about 10 feet! It cuts thick stuff better than any mower I have every used! It mows at about 7 mph top speed and can cut thick grass at full speed no problems! A second pass with the Hi-Lift blades and it leaves the lawn looking like it was bagged!

    My best experience has been with the service side of things. They are always polite and spend the extra time on the phone with me, makes me feel important to them. I called in one time late, and they actually stayed open to talk with me! I know a lot of inspiration to the mower I bought was the mid 90's scags. I talked with their head engineer and he said he is always looking for ways to improve the quality of machine. They enjoy the feedback I give them but I have nothing bad to say about the machine, they corrected the minor flaws promptly.

    This is an unbiased review on my experience. I can not say about the durability, I just bought it brand new this year...but so far it has exceeded my expectations. It looks extremely well made, but time will tell.

    This picture was taken the second I took it off the crate. It was very early in the year so I had not cut the grass yet, this pic was taken in the back yard. Going to post pics of cut quality tomorrow.

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    Another photo, taken the same day.

    rsz_102_1344 (1).jpg
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    They look almost like a carbon copy of the old bobcat mowers.
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    Factory blades, just cut today. Also I want to update the gas cap issue, they sent me the entire cap at no extra charge.

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    Question is, is the thing built in China? If so, I'm out.
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    American company engineers the mower in america, sends the design to China to source it. The product is shipped to america to assemble. No different than most mowers built today, this is a common practice.

    All components are same american made as any other mower, only the steel is a product of China. Thus the low price, but 7 gauge steel is seriously thick steel, not typical of Chinese steel because it was engineered by american standards. The company who makes this mower is American, not Chinese.

    For the price its exceptional, at the end of the year I am probably going to buy the 52" stand on (hydro). They stand behind their product no different than Scag, Toro, Exmark, etc. 1 Year full commercial warranty, any issue's were fixed promptly with no questions asked.

    I will keep posting as the year goes on my experience with this machine, so far its exceeded expectations. I felt it was time to end the rumor mill of quality with this brand with pictures and updated information from someone who actually owned the machine.
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    What's the name of the company?
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    The powder coating is terrible on Bradley's, you'll find out soon enough. Over all these mowers i believe are gateways to better made mowers. Over all though i like them.

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