Bradley / Redhawk mower UPDATE

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JimsLocalLawn, May 1, 2013.

  1. Greg78

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    Glad it's working out for you Jim.
  2. ozarkbilly

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    Jim, I saw somewhere where you recently mentioned these 36" belt drives being on sale for $1200 shipped. I can't find anywhere near that price, as in NOWHERE near. What's their website? Maybe I'm looking at a secondary dealer's site or something
  3. JimsLocalLawn

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    You can check the website at but I would call them directly. Their number is on the website under "contact us".
  4. JimsLocalLawn

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    Well just wanted to update on the current running condition of the mower. Its been 3 months now, and was loading it on the trailer today when the transmission belt decided to go, I was a little upset till I realized what happened. The belt has a idler pulley and it is adjustable... I did not know that! Yesterday I noticed it was pulling me a little slower on the sulky, but I didn't think anything of it. When I was loading it on my trailer gate it got caught on the trailer and I heard it squeal then snap. Went to tractor supply and got a new belt for it, cost me $13 to fix, putting it on was very easy, took less than 5 minutes...

    Machine is at around 250 hours now and still going strong, doesn't even feel broke in yet. I will update on any future incidents as they come.
  5. brunnersltd1

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    @jimslocallawn.... i own a 32" redhawk, have used this machine now for 1 1/2 lawn mowing seasons now , the machine has been in and out of the shop numerous times, axles slide out of transmission, no pins or anything holding them in, already on my 2nd tranny as well, and 2nd set of belts, blade ingagement assmbly blew apart in the 1st 3months of ownership as well..... in my opinion , total piece of ****...... this machine is not capable of handling day to day use!!!!
  6. JimsLocalLawn

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    I cannot comment on the 32" model because I bought the 36" model and they are very different machines. Mine has a peerless 5 speed transmission no different than any other brand of belt drive walk behinds. Also the belts are considered routine maintenance and if you manage to destroy the blade engagement assembly and it is the same as must of hit it with a sledge hammer??? Again we can be using VERY different machines as the blade engagement one mine is extremely heavy duty steel and very idea how you could break it even intentionally. I do know that Bradley actually modifies these machines before production to their liking. That may be a very big difference as these machines come with very different specs.

    However I can say it depends on your expectations and what you do with the machine. For $1200 for a commercial walk behind you could say it's not as good as say a scag, but not far behind either. These machines were modeled on older "brand name" walk behinds from the mid 90's. No different than buying a brand new older machine.

    If I had a big fleet company I would never consider switching to these machines. Altho it would be an exceptional return on investment than say buying a brand new $3000 walk behind. Dealer support is far more important!

    I think these are great machines for someone new getting into the business or part timers. I run mine hard on the sulky and I am a big guy - it's holding up well. The quality of cut is exceptional and the stripes are best in class. There is a high cost of low price tho, and that's lack of dealer support and setup. These machines come to you just as a dealer would receive them. You have to go over every aspect of the machine and configure it properly. Belts, brakes, grease everything, cutting height, tire PSI..... everything needs adjusted properly before using.
  7. kjslawn

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    I am looking to buy the 48 inch hydro for my church. for $3300 instead of $5500 looks like a no brainer. does anyone have the hydro unit? I would only put 1 1/2 hours a week on this unit
  8. JimsLocalLawn

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    I think they use the Hydro ZT2800 pumps on the hydro units, don't quote me on that tho.

    Well anyway just wanted to update this post as I try to track yearly progress on this machine.

    It has been holding up, no paint fading, deck is holding up great, has been through some thick and wet grass and leaves a great cut. I hit stumps, rocks, etc with it and the welds have proven to be good quality. Honestly I haven't even had any minor issue's with the machine. The whole season the only thing that failed was a belt, which was my error. I did buy the mulch kit in preparation for leaf clean up. The kawasaki engine seems a bit thirsty and a little too much for this size machine. But I can not complain about cut quality because I used my Honda 21" mower in place of this on a lawn, and boy this mower has me spoiled..... I am used to 1 cut immaculate cut quality. No clumps, no clippings, etc and the Honda with the twin blades didn't deliver nowhere near the quality of cut the Bradley does.

    I can't wait till the leaves start to fall to track it's progress with mulching them. So far this mower has never failed me mechanically and has no problems cutting tall, thick, wet lawns. It's also very fast on the sulky, I think top speed is around 8 mph.

    I will keep everybody posted. I will also take photo's when the time comes.
  9. Valk

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    Sorry, too lazy to reread the thread. What KAW engine is on there? Electric or pull start?
  10. JimsLocalLawn

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    Kawasaki FS481v Pull start. The next size up is key start.

    It's incredibly easy to start either way.

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