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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JimsLocalLawn, May 1, 2013.

  1. johnvosburg

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    I own a 36" Bradley hydro walk behind, with a Kolher 18 hp courage engine. I have owned it now for about 2.5 years. This is my 2nd season using it for my accounts. I have 20 accounts that I do on the weekends. This is a great mower. The only thing I had go wrong with it is the drive belt broke, and the battery I had to replace after the first year. The other 2 things were my own fault. I would by this mower again in a hart beat. It may be made in china, but what is not made in china now these days.
  2. Valk

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    Get yourself a battery tender for over the Winter. Will extend the life by quite a fair margin.
  3. johnvosburg

    johnvosburg LawnSite Member
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    I have bought a battery tender, I now have no problems
  4. JimsLocalLawn

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    Well I winterized my walk behind for the season. Still to date I haven't had any major issue's with it mechanically. It has proven to be a good investment. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would of done different is opt'd for the hydro over the belt drive.

    I promised to track a seasons progress with it (good and bad) and these were the only issue's all season.
    - Trans belt snapped (cost $11 to fix)
    - Gas cap malfunction (Fixed under warranty for FREE)
    - Sulky was sent without a carter pin (Fixed under warranty for FREE)

    It has seen 6 oil changes this year, 2 air filters, and 2 tubes of grease, and 3 sets of blades (Stock Hi-Lift, Stock Mulching blades, and Oregon G5 blades). My only complaint about it is the Kawasaki engine seems thirsty, my last walk behind had a 10.5 hp engine so maybe that is why?

    I can't wait to get it out of storage next year and start cutting with it again! If your considering buying one just do it, they are exceptionally good machines for the price - but keep in mind they are build upon price (no bells or whistles).
  5. DXN1EL

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    Seems like a good price for the 52" hydro
  6. getdown

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    I'm a fan. Anytime I had issues with faulty parts breaking they always shipped me what I needed within a week
  7. johnvosburg

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    I also had no problems with my Bradley 36" mower this year. The only problems I have had were my own doing. The only part that broke was the trans belt. I put a new one on with Kevlar, no problems so far. I am looking to buy another one for the 2014 season. Maybe a 48 inch IDK we will se how it goes.
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  8. johnvosburg

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    My Bradley mower is put away for the season. The only thing I do is run the mower out of gas, and put a battier tender on it for he winter. I will change the oil, gas, air, and oil filter it the spring along with spark plug, and blade sharping. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
  9. JimsLocalLawn

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    I wanted to show the underneath of the deck design on the 36". This is the Hydro model, but notice the front of the deck doesn't have mulch baffles?

    I purchased the side plate accessory for my 36" and was a little disappointed with the results while mowing.

    First I tried with the stock Hi-lift blades, didn't cut up the clippings good enough for my taste, as the Oregon g5 blades cut smaller clippings while side discharging.

    Second I used the factory mulching blades, and they worked well, but noticed the grass kind of tracked along the discharge plate side, almost a solid trail.

    Third I put on my Oregon G5 blades, ZERO visible clippings but the blow out from the front of the mower was unacceptable. Literally threw clippings out the front of the mower and made a mess, constantly clearing clippings off the top of the deck!

    In the fall one pass with the mulch plate and leaves were shredded so fine you couldn't even notice they were mulched into the lawn. The mower never bogged down even in thick wet leaves, and never clumped up either.

    But I wanted to use the mulch plate to mulch grass clippings, not leaves. I think I see the reason why. Notice how there is no curved plates in the front of the deck? I think grass just gets blown everywhere because these machines were designed to discharge large volumes of clippings evenly. While running the G5 blades and side discharging the clippings vanish.

    Sorry for the late review on that one, its been a busy year for me. I love and hate how far these machines throw clippings. They are evenly spread out but I need to make two (sometimes 3 passes) around objects that I don't want grass to get thrown on.

    I think the factory hi-lift blades are junk, but I don't like stock hi-lifts from any brand of mowers.
    I think the factory mulch plate paired with the mulch plate is designed for leaves, and it's best suited for mulching leaves, not grass clippings.

    Overall I think the Oregon G5 blades are best suited for these machines, and probably the best blade available for them, so if your thinking of getting one... do yourself a favor and order a few sets of G5's for it.

    Redhawk deck.jpg
  10. Greg78

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    Jim get you an OCDC so you can close off your discharge while passing driveways, beds, people and other objects. I won't operate a mower without one. I've got this on our Exmark walkbehind: Blade Blocker

    You can close it off, direct it down or have it wide open, very versatile.

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