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Brain 2000 or Original Brain trimmer head?


LawnSite Member
charleston, sc
I had an Original head in the past and am looking to buy another or a 2000. Does any one have more info about them than is on the Tanaka website?


LawnSite Gold Member
I am not that familiar with the differences but I will give it a shot. That is one area Tanaka needs some improvement...info on their accessories especially trimmer heads as far as what adapters they include and all that...

Anyway the Brain 2000 is adjustable on the inside somehow to get it to let out the right length of line or for user preference I guess. You open it up and move something and it changes a little. However it holds less line because of that I think.

The orginal brain holds a bit more line. It is also adjustable but you need to take it apart and put it together with different parts or rearange things a bit to do it.

They also may have different adapters and be recommended for different models of trimmers...