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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mark B, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Mark B

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    I do some landscape lighting. I'm getting ready to install a job on saturday I have to go under a 3' sidewalk. I was in lowes yesterday and I saw those long drill bits that the electricains use that are 5/8". The drill bit cost $35.00 and it is 4' long I'm going to try that for going under the sidewalk. I thought it was prety good brain fart.
  2. DGI

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    We get under most anything with a sweeper nozzle on 1" poly and lots of water. Cement is usually very easy to get under. For pavers I've found it's best not to disrupt their base by washing through them, so often we just pound a piece of PVC through, and then rinse that out. For longer shots we use regular conduit glued together with the nozzle on setup so that it can be pounded through.

    Where I can, I get out the boring rods and get it done with the machine.
  3. SamIV

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    Learned this technique a while back while watching Bell South run phone lines. Works real well here with the clay we have. I use a cheapo 18 volt rechargeable drill and one of the 3/4' flexible drill bits that you were talking about. For running wires under concrete this is ideal. Much faster and less mess than using the nozzle with water. Too small of a hole for pipe though. Everyone's tearing up the rat reds here, how's the fishing there.

  4. Mark B

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    Hey Sam, The drill bit worked pretty good. Alot better then breaking out the boring stuff. The reds are starting to show up up. I was down a cople of week ago I got a small 30"er and one small blue. I hope to make it back down next weekend.

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