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    are there any known problems with the brakes on the 2011 superz
    there seems that a couple users said they have had something come loose.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Not that I have heard other than the 2 mentioned here in the last week.
    Our service guys are looking into it.

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    You probably read one of my posts.

    Yes, the park break failed and locked up the wheel. Linkages got bent and the brake assembly (I think) had to be pulled and replaced.
    I was lucky that it happened here at home so I could use my tractor FEL to load it onto the trailer. God help anyone if this happens on a customers property. The machine is super heavy and my FEL only just had enough to lift it.
    It was repaired very quickly.
    I strongly suggest that if you have a SZ you get the park breaks looked at and adjusted. Again, you DO NOT want this happening in the field!
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