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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ProMo, Nov 13, 2003.

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    My f15o died after 9 yrs hate to dissapoint the ford guys but I got the best deal on an 01 dodge 2500 diesel now I need to hook up the brake controller for the trailer brakes do i need an adaptor or anything the dealership said they would hook it up for 200 dollars I told him no thanks
  2. ProMo

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    found the wiring I just nee to know what color goes to what truck has a red,white,blue,brown/black wire controller has red,white,blue,black but says black is hot ???
  3. ProMo

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    thanks guys ill figure it out
  4. chaikwa

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    As far as the brake control goes: Black = positive (+) Power TO the brake control. White = ground (-) Ground for the brake control. Red = power FROM the stop light switch (+) to activate the brake control when you step on the brake pedal. Blue = power lead FROM the brake control to the trailer.

    As for your truck: 99% of all the trucks manufactured after 2000 have a receptacle under the dash on the drivers side for trailer wiring. If you have a trailer plug on the back of your truck, and it came from the dealer that way, more than likely there is a 'pig-tail' plugged into this under dash receptacle already. If there isn't, one will be available from your Dodge dealer for around $12. There MAY also be a relay needed that activates the trailer wiring circuit. Some trucks have this installed, some don't. (It goes under the hood in that bif electrical fuse box) The truck is already wired from the factory for trailer wiring and plugging in this pigtail and relay will make the brake control installation MUCH easier.
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    ive called about 30 places for the adapter no one has it, Is the plug in under the dash color coded the same as the controller(red to red blue to blue white to white black to br/blk my test light is doa
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    If there is a pigtail in your new Dodge, just use a tester and hit the brake .If one of the wires is hot with the brake on you know it`s a pigtail for trailer brakes. Color coding may not match your controller, but the idea is ,IF you have a factory pigtail you wont have to run your blue wire back, not to mention tying into your battery direct for positive. Good luck.

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