Brake Problem


Stafford Va.
I have a 1989 F 250 4x4 8 cyl auto
the problem is the brake pedal goes to floor.
Master cyl has been replaced by Ford,myself,and others.
what is the problem? Brake will stop you but a little spooky


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Ambler, Pa
I think there is a cylinder on each brake. These should also be replaced.


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Had same thing on a 88 f150. Just had brake work done and pedal went to the floor. Took it back and they bled the lines again. Still did it. Then they said it had to be the rubber lines in the front. Seems they break down inside and get little flaps that will make the bleeding process not as effective cause they will catch junk in the lines. Replaced lines, bled again, never had problem again. If I recall it was under $15.00 per side for the lines.