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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by addictedtolandscaping, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Morning guys.

    I have to go look at a project today that incorporates branch wrapping. The customer wants to run power to the trees so they can be used all year long. I have never done a branch wrap, though from what I have read and if my thoughts are correct, about a 2" spacing.

    I already laid the ground work for LED's, not sure if that is going to go over well. The potential customer mentioned a shopping center for example, I did go check that out the other night, they are using incandescent with caps, similar to HBL's landscaper series, which I do have a case in stock and one or two cases on the way.

    I am hoping you guys can give me some in site on this type project, i read thru all the threads, biggest stumbling block I am seeing is estimating number of sets. I already spoke with an electrician, I will do the trenching wit a bed edger, can o down 12" as long as no sprinkler system in place, gonna price direct bury vs. conduit. It sounds fairly involved and like some good $. Hopefully all goes well, customer not a cheap skate and job gets approved. I will post some pics later of the trees.

    Got two other estimates today also, and one Monday, things are finally kicking in. Starting rehangs this coming week (naturally nicer weather popping up and lots of last minute paving kicking in, sure terrible summer, now with another avenue to generate income starting up and the state wants to pave, but that is another story.
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    Things you may know already,

    one good thing about conduit is if you have it big enough to hold more than one wire,
    you can later snake another in there if needed.

    You'll want the conduit to be schedule 80 grey pvc pipe at least 1" inch OD

    Do not use white pvc because for one,
    sprinkler pipe can be white pvc or black poly.
    and for two, grey pvc is made for electical work anyway.

    For wrapping a tree, hard to say for me
    I just wrap tight for more brightness and split as needed.
    The diamater and your desired results is what is going to be varying
    to the number of strands needed.

    sorry if this isn't pertinent
    I'd like to also see what others say.
    Been awhile for me.
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    Sending you a PM

    But I dont know about 2" spacing, generally it is feel/experience that I go off of. Some of that is customer expectation.

    I have customers that were thrilled with 1500 lights in a tree, but others that for the same tree, told me it was thin and I missed a branch. If they say "I want it to look like Tavern on the Green", tell them they are closed....:hammerhead: and run.....or charge them extra, because they will want 50% more lights than what the tree really needs.
  4. addictedtolandscaping

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    LMAO. Thanks a lot Bryan!!

    He said he doesn't want a shopping mall or restaurant effect, and I know without doubt it is going to look better than what I saw at the shopping plaza he exemplified.

    I told him he really needed to be with LED, I am thinking m-5's. Unfortunately, I do not have any of them in stock, so once he signs, a case of those will be coming. I would like to really start marketing LED's longevity is my thought. I sold my Blizzards LL tonight, so am going to do my house with the new Glaciers this year. Got another call at 2030 tonight, so that call will get returned in the am. All the estimates, (except the tree customer) were in really nice neighborhoods yesterday, one got signs at both entrances! Looking to add 10-20 this year hopefully. I am hoping to get the Troy job out of the way this week, I just do not want to spend 4 days there. My goal is to get two or three more of the rehangs done this week if not three as well. Once Troy is done, the others are much smaller, one house really involved wit lots of LL, but then a couple trees and a house with a nice variety using LL, garland, mini's on some bushes and three of the HBL gift boxes. Monday is sot in the foot as I have a meeting wit local radio station at 1130 am and then estimate at 4 so can';t get much done there. I have to make more phone calls in the am trying to get someone to run my dump truck this week as the weather here is supposed to be above 50 and good ole NYS is trying to play catch up with the paving they did not do because no budget till August. UGH!!! Feast or famine for me. The tough part, if the truck sits I lose 500 a day. It is a tough scale to weigh out.
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    all I can say is wow.
    It's really astounding how a thread about how to wrap a branch can get so technical.

    You sound like a very organised and exceptional seasond lighting tech.
    It's realy exciting to see the talk about blizzards, LL LED's, M5's etc.
    Last time I was doing lights it was..we're putting C9's here.
    I mean it, that is just about all it was.

    I've got a whole bunch of catching up to do.
    I don't plan on gaining much for customers this year as
    for one, it's late already
    and two, I have to figure out what ya'll are talking about:laugh:

    Good Luck.
  6. addictedtolandscaping

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    Thank you. Honestly I am not. This is my official second season. I played for years with the Walmart stuff but never really got involved until last year.

    I have however read these threads more times than I can count, Bryan, Dave and a couple other guys have offered advice time and again. I bug Mike out at HBL on a regular basis, and he has shared so much knowledge, suggestions and advice, I would be lost with out him. I did go to HBL's training last year, which even having essentially memorized the entire membership manual, I learned so much especially from the hands on portion, that I was exhausted. All the accounts I have currently I did all the work on myself last year, am going to have one guy with me this year and of course my son when he isn't in school.

    I am starting to try to push the C-9's this year. I just ordered another roll of cord from HBL, I screwed up an order last year and have about 3800 bulbs in stock. I try to help with what, I have learned, but more than not will stay in the background and try to learn from the discussions.

    Anytime I have had something pop up, this is the first place I usually turn for advice and suggestions. Everyone on here is willing to help with ideas and experience.

    Awesome place to spend time.
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    There are a ton of different types of lights out there but dont get overwhelmed find styles that work for you stick with them and dont get too crazy. At least in the beginning. I am at the point with houses in the same area that we are trying different looks and ideas to keep it fresh and so that each house doesnt look the same....tough sometimes as the builders make them all look the same, so sometimes we get stuck with one style or another because it is all that works on the type of house.

    Even at this stage if you get some lawn signs out there, you should be able to pick up 15-20 houses.
  8. David Gretzmier

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    on branch wrapping and leaving them up permanant- remember they have to be replaced every year. I put some pretty nice LED's on my tree in front of my house 2 years ago and they made it 6 months. on tight wrapping, I have gotten a year out of HBL's high dollar regular minilights with caps, but even those experience wire pull out because of tree growth.
  9. addictedtolandscaping

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    Wow that is quicker than I anticipated.Thanks Dave. It is an odd one for sure, He wants to see how the smaller trees would turn out then is considering some really large Oaks - will look something like the picture in HBL catalog of the trees dressed in red and white. We will end up trenching across the yard, do that via my brown bed edger.

    Another consideration he has, he has some old landscape lighting that is line power that he want to convert. They are currently two locations, with flood lights that are up lighting some really unique Oaks. I have gone through the Unique training classes - years ago, but honestly have never put a project together. As a matter of fact, the demo kit I have has never even been opened. The year I did this was when the economy crashed here. I am looking whole heartedly at landscape lighting, especially since the people who will do holiday lighting are the same financial class, I figure one will play off of the other.

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