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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jkkalbers, Dec 28, 2002.

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    I searched for related topics and really couldn't come up with anything. I'm looking at servicing my some of my own accounts next year for spraying and fertilizer probably 60-80 and I had a couple of questions. What type of sprayer should I get, what size anything else I should know would be nice. Also do any of you spray herbicide and than put down a granular fertilizer after?
    Thanks in advance
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    We are in two different sections of the country. So the only advice I will give you is about herbicide sprayers. I use a separate spray tank. pump, and hose set up for herbicides only. I use a 25 gal electric. I do not use this tank for any thing else. The reason for this is because it is too hard to clean herbicides out of a spray system. I use both granular and liquid fertilizers and apply them separately from herbicides. Yes this means twice the work in some cases. This is what works for me. If you don't spray shrubs or tree then you can mix herbicides in your main tank.
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    The type and size of sprayer you need will depend on how serious and into the applications you plan on getting. If all you are looking to do is just the 60-80 and only plan on spot spraying, then a 25 gal elec. sprayer would work fine. If you plan on getting more than 80 customers, then I highly recommend getting a larger tank.
    A 200 gal. is the most popular. You can cover 50,000 sq.ft more than a 100 gal (for $100 more). And as for the 300 gal, most guys tend to shy away from this because it takes up alot of space and depending on the truck, a full tank exceeds the weight the truck can handle.

    As far as spraying a herb. and spreading fert., I would highly recommend this beacuse a spray herb is going to be much more effective than a granular weed and feed.
    And if you are thinking of mixing a soluble fert with your herbicide, I would tend to shy away from this. The problem you have with mixing a water soluble fert, is that depending on watering/rain the fertilizer will be gone fairly quickly. That's why you should use a slow release granular fert.
  4. I have a 200 gal lesco skid sprayer

    525 on a trailer which is now a nurse tank for the 200.

    I build spray systems.

  5. With this kind of set up, you just need a nurse tank in your truck.

    You can use exsisting mower.

    my dc spray rig.jpg
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    The important thing about tank sprayers is the components, not who you get it from. I built this one myself. You need to decide gas or electric, tank size, pump type, use ( turf or large trees) and hose length. Truck configuration.

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    did you build this rig? Nice job!!!! Does this affect the balance or handling of the Dixie on steep hills? Do you sell these rigs? Do you only build these rigs for Dixies?

  8. Yes I built them, still do.

    It has some effect but you should use your own judgement. Don't run it full when on a steep incline.

    The fert spreader offsets the tank and balances it out. front to back.

    I have found with a half full tank it holds better on hills than without the tank.

    I can build one them for many other mowers than DC's.

    So far built for DC, Lazer, Howard Price, Bobcat, and soon will have them produced for Bladerunner.

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