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I just bought a set of short-reach hedge trimmers with the Pro GZ25N engine. Same as a weed wacker just a shorter shaft.

It runs well but starts only on the second pull, third or fourth if it is cold.

I have a bunch of older Redmax trimmers. Some are old as dirt and start on the first pull.

My favorites are the BC2601DL, they have the Zenoah G26L, super strong first pull starters. I bought a few on closeout and are just now assembling them. I will treat them like gold and never sell because they don't make them anymore!!!! I like the smaller profile of the older engine, too, takes up less space inside my lockable toolboxes.

Anyway, thank you EPA for creating another hassle.

Odly enough, now that Redmax has quit using the G26L, it has appeared as a "hot new item" as the G-260 in the Zenoah line of radio contol airplane engine, where the old G23L has been sold for years and years as the G-23 and is also the predominant go-ped engine.

I don't think the airplane crowd will ever appreciate that plump strato-charged engine.

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