Brand of fert. for st augustine.

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    What brand of fertilizer do you recommend purchasing for a st. augustine yard. i know it basically will be a 29-4-6. And where to buy it.
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    lesco,uap,prosource one,
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    When are the unwashed masses going to understand fertilizer is a commodity?? It is what is IN the bag, not the name on the bag that counts.


    IMHO 29-4-6 is not a good blend for St Augustine. But High nitrogen (first number) fertilizers are often sold because of the high margin and greater expense of other elements. Nitrogen gives the most visible response of all other fertilizer elements. Soil testing is the best way to select fertilizer.

    St Augustine likes a 4-1-2 ratio blend like 16-4-8 or 24-6-12. But minor element also play a part and should never be over looked. Your county extension agent should be the best person to ask what your area needs without taking a soil sample.

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