Brand of Truck

What Truck do you prefer? Why? Towing? Torque?

  • Ford

    Votes: 67 64.4%
  • Chevrolet

    Votes: 37 35.6%

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For me it's a 50-50 thing. I think Chevy has the best powertrain, at least in the gas end. I would rather have the 6.0 V8 over the 5.4 V8 and the 8.1 V8 over the V10. I like the Allsion tranny, too, even though I have heard good things about the new Ford tranny. Diesels are close, but I think you can do more with the Powerstroke.

I like the soild front axle of the Ford. Easy to bulk up, good for plowing. I like the looks of both, but give the edge to the Chevy just because I like the overall size and shape.

Ideally, put a solid front axle on my Chevy and you have the ideal truck.


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I like Ford & Dodges because from my experience they hold a plow better than any chevy I owned except the older chevys with straight front axle that I had.


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Shelby Twp., MI
Originally posted by terracare
Ford all the way! I would have said chevy but they are just too darn ugly!!!!

Taken a look a ford lately? Pretty rank

Originally posted by Bigfoot
Chevrolet, built like a rock.
With a few rust holes, sorry a lot of rust holes.