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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by DLCS, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. DLCS

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    I saw a ad in acreage magazine for Branson tractors. I've never heard of these before. Anyone own one of these tractors? Whats your opinion of these tractors. You can get a 35hp diesel, 4 wheel drive, w/loader for $12,775. Looks like a well built tractor from what the picture shows. here is their website.
  2. lamarbur

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    Branson/Century is the same tractor. Only difference is the loader. Each use a different supplier. Either tractor is very good and I wouldn't be afraid of either.. 12,K is very cheap if new. I have a Mahindra 10 series which, like many, are built in Korea. The 10 series Mahindra's use Daedong (KIOTI) motors. Branson/Century use Kujke (Korean) and the larger 45 HP use the Yanmar motor.
  3. CNE

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    I have looked at a Branson. Nice looking tractor. Loader is a one man disconnect with quick disconnect lines and a stand for the loader. Flip down the stand, pull a couple of pins lower it down and disconnect the lines.
  4. Grasscub

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    Looking at buying a 35-50 tractor for branson rake looking at branson 35 Hp 4 wheel drive kubota L3200 32Hp 4 WD, Massey fergusion 350 48hp 2WD any body with anny experience of these please reply.:confused:
  5. lawn king

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    Branson tractors have good reviews over at Deere will give you the best parts support network, challenger (mf) will give you the best dealer warranty service if you buy from a cat dealer, kubota will give you the highest quality machine across the board!
  6. mike lane lawn care

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    used a slightly larger L5030, 50hp tractor to do my driveway. fantastic machine, tons of power, and an A/C cab helped too.
  7. Bigred350

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    I saw the Bronson tractors at a trade show last year. They looked like they would be a great tractor. The only thing I did not like was it seemed to sit up really high. It felt like it maybe a little top heavy. Thats just my 2 cents.

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