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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lugnut#6, May 26, 2006.

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    i went to a friend of the wife's today to help with her yard.Katrina left 8' of debris in here yard and after it was cleaned up she needed some heads replaced.
    well i get there and start looking at her system and its really old.bear in mind i don't do irrigation systems other than My own so my knowledge is limited.all she has is a series of five 2" pipes coming out the slab in her garage with manual faucet valves and knobs.each valve operates a zone full of pop ups.and the heads seem to be brass and copper or brass 3/4" pipe as well

    my question is how old is this system and should i have a plumber or irrigation contractor come over and put in a back flow preventer?other than a few missing nozzles the system still works.

    ill try and post some pics of it later
  2. Tim Johnson

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    just did a job like that, they don't make any heads like that anymore, so you have to upgrade. The guy at john deere landscapes said they stopped making those systems back in the early 70's.
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    Actually, several companies still make brass pop-up and flush model spray sprinklers.

    Rainbird L15 Brass Spray Pop-up Sprinkler.jpg
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    Age depends. There are still some people putting in galvanized/copper and brass sprinkler systems. The system should have a backflow installed.

    That would help a lot.

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