Brass nozzles are dead

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Mar 21, 2008.


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    I made that statement yesterday and Henry said really it blew him away. I noticed our junk nozzle pile was showing lots of brass nozzles. I'm pretty much replacing all the 20 spacing brass nozzles I've installed over the years with MPs. I haven't made a trip to my favorite little Irrigation store to stock up on brass nozzles in ages. The MP has killed the brass nozzle in my inventory. Except for 3', 5', 10, brass peanut nozzles I'm not going to stock them anymore. The new RB nozzle XPCN? may eliminate those brass nozzles as well. This is after 28 years of satisfied use. Times have changed. With the cost of copper and all the theft of copper risers we've been forced to quit using them as well.

    AULD LANG SYNE to a great product.
  2. EagleLandscape

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    Ra Roh......
  3. Wet_Boots

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    About the only brass sprays I would really need to keep around are the squares. Plastic doesn't match the performance of the old brass nozzles.
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    Since I have never bought a brass nozzle, what is the typical price? I know a standard plastic RB nozzle can be found for 0.90 or so. Maybe you Texans are swimming in more money than the rest of us!
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    They've been dead in our parts for a long time.

    I used to buy the weathermatic 5500 series (I think thats what they were) on occasion years ago, but then the weathermatic supplier bailed out of town.
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    shhhhhh, don't tell JW
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    I think we have only one company in town that installs them. They are the oldest lawn/landscape/sprinkler company in town. I have brass nozzles on one commercial property I take care of, my bank. Problem with this system is that the zones all seem at the limit of what they should be designed at. Very easy to push heads down, and they really don't get the proper head-to-head in some areas. I've had to change a few nozzles to Rainbird undercuts to help get close in. Not sure if it's because of higher GPM ratings between the two?
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    The only sprinkler I install. BRASS ROCKS! ;)

  9. DanaMac

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    They make rocks that are brass? how weird..........
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    If you look at an old Weathermatic spec sheet, you don't really get a useful picture, since they spec a pressure of 20 psi, or even less. A 520H would be a 'standard' half-circle brass nozzle for 20 foot triangular spacing, and sprays 14-15 feet at the more customary 30 psi. Flow of 2.3 gpm on the spec sheet. Definitely more than the standard of today.

    Today's prices would be at least five bucks a nozzle. An all-brass stream spray would probably be ten.

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