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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by KFX450RXC, Oct 19, 2018.

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    I'm not asking opinions here. I'm looking for real world experience. I'm sure some say use conventional oil for the first change. But today's engines are much different than they used to be.

    It's time to change my break-in oil. I plan to run synthetic at the 100 hour mark. But I'm only around 15 hours right now. So here's the question.

    Has anyone here used synthetic oil on that first oil change at such low hours and if so, did you see any adverse effects? I'm feeling pretty confident it will be OK but I would like to hear from those who have already done so.

    I have two Kawasaki 850Vs. The shop manager at my dealership said they recommend first oil change around 10 hours now but they use Kawasaki conventional oil. I'm obviously doing it myself and I already have the synthetic oil in the shop. Don't want to buy some conventional oil if I don't need to.
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    I'll tell you that the first oil change has a lot of metallic shavings in it....I don't think it's a function of oil breakdown- As much as it is a function of the oil being full of grime and grit. I'd swap it out at 10 and call it good.


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  3. OP

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    I'm going to change the oil. But has anyone gone straight to synthetic? That's my question for now.
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    Have read posts that conventional oil is better for the first 100 hours or so. The thought being that the rings seat better with conventional oil than with synthetic.
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    Honestly after 10-15 hrs as Trainingwheels said. All the metal shavings and sludge will be gone.
    After that, the synthetic should not be a problem.
    15 hrs at 3600 rpms = 2.3 million revolutions. Should be fully broke in.
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    Kawaski oils are all semi synthetic except the straight 30W. I am a firm believer in using dino oil until the 100 hour mark which is where most manu's say an engine is really broken in. I doubt synthetic will hurt, but I want to make sure my rings seat as good as possible and synthetics are so good at lubing the internals now, that I just don't know for sure that they will allow the engine to break in completely/properly. I mean, it's only one oil change to wait, so why not? Sure won't hurt to use dino until then.
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    Synthetics really don't lube any better.
    What they do is hold their viscosity longer.
    Dino oil will start breaking down quicker with heat and combustion products. Synthetic isn't super a lubricant, all any oil does is create a film between two metal parts. That is where viscosity comes in. Water not so good might have a viscosity of 1. Any quality sae 30w will have same viscosity be it dino or syn.
    Synthetic actually is dino oil.
    Just made from natural gas usually verses crude oil. It will stay at a 30w longer than a true dino. Other than that its just oil.
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    Some (maybe most still?) synthetics are made from dino oil base, but some are not now from what I am reading. I am not an oil expert by any stretch. I just do a lot of reading around the net on various oil sites and other forums to sorta get a wide picture of facts and opinions about what works which way and why. Most seem to agree that synthetics do lube better because they cling to cylinder walls better after shut down and that is a major reason they help prevent start up wear vs dino. That ability of synthetics to cling to a cylinder wall is my reasoning for using dino for the first 100. I am not, nor would I argue that that is the correct way to do things. It is just what I feel best about doing.
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  9. OP

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    The primary is reason I'm doing this is convenience. I don't care about the cost. But I have a cabinet full of Mobil 1 and Motorcraft Synthetic diesel oil out there in the barn. I can do the oil change this afternoon in 15 minutes.

    If I opt to use dino oil, I have to go somewhere and get it. If I opt for the Kawasaki oil, I have to go back to my dealership. Call it lazy. ;)
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  10. Turf Tracer

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    Kohler recommends No Break in Oil Change on many engines now.

    First at 100 hrs then recurring.

    People tend to overthink oil and waste time and Money.
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