Break in period?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Talon1189, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Talon1189

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    I just bought a Stihl BG 86....hand held blower.....Many of the post here claim that "blowers" gain more power after the first 5-6 hours of use while the rings seat properly? :confused: Is there any truth or is is this a false dream? .......:angel:
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  2. mikeylikesit5805

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    I've heard that too, didn't notice anything with my br-600 tho, although my fs-90 seems to run better now than it did when I first bougt. Its got about 80 hours on it
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  3. Deori

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    You know... I think it says that on pretty much everything Echo (most of our handhelds and all our backpackes) makes, but I don't think I've ever noticed it.

  4. Talon1189

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    I have no interest in starting a war with anyone here......Just go with the best that you try out at the dealer..........Stihl is known be extremely reliable.......You decide for yourself :gunsfirin Good luck.......:)
  5. timberbrook

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    I believe this is true with 2 cycle engines but not 4 cycle. Or 4-mix for that matter. For this to be true with the 2-cycles you have to warm them up properly and then run them wide open. Too much low rpm use during the break in could cause the rings to not seat properly.
  6. Alan0354

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    I notice quite a difference on my Maruyama BL8100 blower. It was about 12 hours or so when I notice it. When it was new, I notice the last 1/8 of the throtle don't make much difference. But after about 12 hours or so, I notice I get more power at the last 1/8 throtle. The engine seemed to rev up more at the last bit.

    I would not run at WOT for the first hour. Always let it idle for 10 to 20 sec. before going to work and let it idle for about 20 sec before shutting off. This would give the engine a chance to cool down a little from WOT.
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  7. Richard Martin

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    You will pick up a little power once the rings seat in but, in most cases, it should be minimal. The cylinder and rings aren't perfectly matched when the machine is built. You may have a small amount of blowby until they wear into each other.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It is true but it will not take any 8hrs to break it in! two strokes these days are honestly not the tight fit of years ago! I can remember seeing in person a jonsereds chainsaw stripped and put back together with no ring on it! And yes that is a one ring saw! That saw started and ran! Try that today on any of the new modern saws! Not going to happen! However with the loose fit of today they are more durable against bad fuel heat etc!
  9. Deori

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    Ugh... I wasn't even talking about brand differences at all. I was just saying that it's not just limited to blowers, but seemingly all 2-stroke stuff yet I don't think I've ever really noticed a difference on anything. You Stihl guys, lol.


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