Breaking an unwritten law?

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    I have a customer that I provide lawn service to. This person wants some extensive landscaping done, some that I'm not presently capable of ( I was clear with the customer about my capabilities). Would it be correct to go ahead and do what I'm capable of doing and contract the remainder out to another landscape company? If so would I be breaking an unwritten law of the landscaping business? If not what would be the percentage charge of my contracting this work out?
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    There is certainly nothing wrong with subcontracting in the landscape business, we have other landscapers that sub work to us every noe and then. Your customer should probably be made aware that you are subbing it, however. I would suspect that 10% would probably be a normal markup. Of course that number could vary depending on whose insurance is in play etc.

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    There is nothing wrong with that. Ten percent is usually the norm. The unwritten law is that the subcontractor should not offer his opinions of your work or try to solicit or accept other work from the homeowner.

    It is always a good idea to sub only contractors that specialize in work that you do not do. If you do irrigation, don't hire a pool & irrigation company to do the pool work for example.

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