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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bmoorefield, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. bmoorefield

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    I geared my 3 man crew up and sent them out to do a leaf removal job on a commercial contract. When my crew gets to the job my foreman calls me and says that somebody has already cleaned up all the leaves. On the contract that they signed it stated that we would be doing the fall leaf removal for $650. How should I approach this? Should I charge them a traveling feeĀ…or the amount for the job because now I have to send my guys home today?
  2. zackvbra

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    if it was me if they were under a signed contract, I would pick the rest of the leaves up (because im sure they left a few tiny patches of leaves) and go ahead and charge them the $600 or whatever it is. It is the account's responsibility to let you know that they broke the contract and you dont need to come. fulfill your end of the contract unless they have given you written notice of contract termination.
  3. Meezer

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    I would agree, fulfill your end of the contract & charge them.
  4. Gilbert503

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    Charge them.
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    Yep, I have a slow pay and I am still going to work the last month of the contract, bill them and sue them. I sure do not want to be in non-performance and give them a reason not to pay.

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