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Breaking in new engine - 27LC Kawasaki


LawnSite Senior Member
North of Seattle
I've got two 60" ZTR's coming to demo on Monday; the Scag Turf Tiger and the Exmark Lazer Z LC, both equipped with the 27HP Liquid Cooled Kawasaki. One will go back to the dealer and one will stay here with me; both are brand new.

As I visited the Exmark dealer this morning, I drove the machine around the parking lot and wondered about the break-in period. Since the machine is run at full throttle to mow, how do you break it in properly? I broke in a new 70HP Yamaha outboard on my duck boat this year and it had a specified period at which I ran it a various throttle settings until after 10 hours I could go full throttle.

Anyone know the recommended procedure for the 27 Kaw? I forgot to read the manual at the dealers so I'll obviously do that on Monday, but the dealer just told me they let it idle for a while at reduced throttle in the parking lot. The thing I noticed was that at full throttle the engine had a 'wave' or thrumming sound--in other words at lower rpm's it had a steady, even sound to it, while at full throttle, not moving, it had a slight up and down tone. I hope that makes sense but it's hard to describe any better than that; since there isn't a tachometer on it I couldn't tell what the flucutation in rpm's was, but if there had been a tach I'm sure there would have been at least a noticeable variation. The dealer said it was probably due to being a new engine and having pollution control devices on it, but that he'd make sure it was adjusted correctly on Monday.

Can any of you guys give me some break-in tips and experience for these mowers? Thanks, Will


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If there was a break in period on my 3 mowers I slap forgot about it! I ain't broke in none of them other than to get after it as soon as I bought them! WAO is the way they got broke in.......vrooommmm vrooooommmm. As for the flucuation in the engine......it quits that as soon as the blades are engaged. If you run these engines too long at low idle they will get too hot, maybe the LC won't but the air cooled are supposed to run at over 3500 rpm's to keep them cool.


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South East
I think you suppose to change the oil after the first 5 hours. The like Homer says vrrrrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmmm. i think you just braggin that you getting one of these great mowers lol