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I have recently started targeting a side of town by cold calling. This side of town is wealthy but a good 40 min. of interstate away. My question is I just got a call back on a small yard ($30), I know it's not worth the drive for 30$ do I make the drive thinking it will be worth it eventually if I get more yards? Where do you draw the line as far as long distances versus profit?:confused:


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I would try to put them off as long as possible and if you can't land any other accounts the explain to them why you can't do it. I'm sure they will understand. I wouldn't be able to touch it anyway for $30, no matter how close or far away.


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ha man charge a litte extra for the time it takes to go out there.
if it is a wealthy 'hood than they have the means to pay.
most importantly if your work is quality and makes there home look attractive and well kept than they will surely pay for litttle drive..........oh also if it is good work than the neighbors are sure to follow than it will be really worth it.

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Thats the kicker with expanding to new areas. You have to get your foot in the door.Thats a long ride to start with,but you have to set a time limmit as to how long you will spend trying to get into this area. Some times people like to see your work before they commit.If all the lawns are that small it will take a lot to make it worth while unless you can expand into other options.I tried this a few years ago for 2 seasons and it never worked. Wealthy folks have a different way of life and travel. Most don't even know thier neighbors. I try to shrink my area every year as to miles traveled. I live in the country and I'm down to about a 20 mile radious.
Good Luck....


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Thats quite a drive to try an break into a new neighborhood. Even if you land several accounts, its still a haul. You would have to really jack up the prices for a 80 minute round trip drive. Thats alot of time to be doing other things closer to home.


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last season i ended up purchasing a few accounts off a friend at the end of the season when he went away to college in august. it's a solid 30 minute drive down there, however the money is good. i was just tacking them onto my normal route and it was making for a long day. i decided to bite the bullet and do some targeted advertising (read: lawn signs) and attempt to expand. i don't have the exact number on me right now, but as i recall i've got at least 6 new customers all within 1/2 mile of 2 other very profitable accounts. I did about 10 cleanups in the area which were also very profitable.

Now i've got enough work down in that town to warrant an entire day down there. It also leaves me with about 15 miles of road to fill in with customers. I know many people on here are very against buying accounts, however i think it worked out very well for me.

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