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    I was mowing a lawn this past fall and my mower shot a piece of metal through the window of the house across the street. I have no doubt that this was from my equipment. The glass was still falling out as I walked over to look. The problem I have the metal was not put in the lawn by me. So is this my fault. Some years ago I shot a hockey puck at a customers door and put a small dent in it. In this case the home owner took all the blame for the hockey puck which was left in the lawn by a child of hers. Is the window any different? I have insurance to cover these freak things. The bill only came to $345. I plan on paying this unless anyone can offer good advice. Sometimes I think the "lawn guys" are easy targets to blame for these accidents..:angry:
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    you could probally blame it on many factors but the bottom line is it came out of you mower. it would look better on your part if you paid the damage. you might also want to tell the person who yard that had the debris to make sure lawn is clear of debris or you will have to start charging a clean up fee.:cool:
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    Unforunately we are easy targets. Pay for the glass and move on. The only way your not responsible is if the homeowner intentionally put the metal there w/o informing you. There are a whole lot of arguments on this issue but I think it boils down to "Reasonable expectation". Which means you can reasonably expect there to be obstacles in your mowing path which should be removed before mowing. I know it aint right but it is the way it is.
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    Thats a bummer nothing much you can do but pay for it, maybe ask the homeowner that left the metal to split the cost with you.
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    I had a similar incident this season where a piece of rock was thrown by my stringtrimmer through a window at the school's admin bldg. - $750 damage. My insurance covered it although I still had to cough up a $250 deductable.
    I guess one can blame it on the person who have left that piece of metal on the grass but, then again, one can also argue that you have to look where you're going and make sure you don't run over stuff that can cause any damage or injury.
    I dont know - this is a very debatable point.
    Good Luck
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    Don't blame the homeowner. Take responsibility for it even though the metal that was left there wasn't your fault. You will lose a customer and spread a bad word about yourself if you make your current customer pay for it

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    I figured as much, it really is not about the money. The fact is if I had saw the debris prior to hitting it I would certainly have taken measures to remove this from the lawn. I guess I can be thankful it did not injure a person or pet.. Thanks for the help....
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    its only 345 bucks you will get more good pr out of then if you moan and groan -- similar thing happened about three weeks ago to the company i work and we didnt even think twice and it had it fixed that day but it still cost 750 bucks BUT the customer was happy about it.
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    One of life's suckier lessons learned.Since it's relatively cheap, pay for it, don't call your insurance co. Industry rates are high enough, please. Make it clear w/ the homeowner to have the yard free of debris on your scheduled cut day each week.Charge a little extra to cover yourself if you have to look throught the yard before you cut each time.
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    Talk to the owner and reassure him that you will take care of the problem. Show him what kind of person that you really are. Maybe you'll wind up getting some lawn work out of him in the future.

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