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    I have an 18/44 FasTrak that's about due for new oil and filters in the IZT's. Can someone give me a source for the plastic hose barb that supports the IZT breather tube? Another possibility is that I could order it from Hydro Gear if I can get the Hydro Gear part number. It is not a standard NPT fitting.

    One of these broke when I checked and added oil a while back, evidently cracked from vibration during use since it broke as I was removing it by hand. Hustler only sells these barbs as part of the breather hose assembly at $32 plus tax each. That makes for expensive oil changes.

    It's a great machine and this has been my only problem with it in almost 2 years of use.
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    Mine broke also if you use an air chuck preferably the long type and put a new o-ring on. The threads are the same just don't over tighten it; ie hand tighten only; it works perfectly you will need a new tube I used 3/8 air line
    which you would want to replace at each oil change. The oil in the rubber hose will break it down after a long exposed time but it is made for a small amount of oil all the time, as used in air tools. It works better than the ones that come from the factory. If not you can also go to Tractor Supply and ask for the Polypropelene fittings and find one there,Warning it will break also as it is the same material as what came in your Fastrack.
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    I have tried to attach the service and parts manual from Hydro Gear, it has everything you need in it, but the file is to large.
    E-mail me and I will e-mail it back to you.

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    I got the H-G pdf file, Pj. Thanks for those suggestions, Homemower. I'll check them all out next week. That's 3 more possibilities than I had before. Thanks to you both.

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