Breathing mask for summer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wolfsnout®, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. orangemower

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    Bump for more info.
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    This is an interesting concept. May be nice for use during spring clean up/power rake season - that is such dirty work. My question is, how comfortable is this in warmer weather? If a guy breathes in too much hot (expelled breath) air in hot weather, that is not at all comfortable.
  3. Valk

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    When it crests 100 around here where it's typically quite's surprising to find that a mask will actually cool the air to body temp = ~99 degrees. Yeah, sounds weird, but when it's really hot it works to create a bit of comfort WHILE filtering the air.

    I'm tired of dust ~ BIG TIME. Last year sucked, especially with the arid/low-humidity conditions we endured making the daytime highs even higher than avg. Morning dew was non-existent... I wore a paper dust mask WAY MORE than in years past. Over time, paper masks get wet from use...then they move in&out like an accordion as you breathe and cease to function.

    I'm really thinking this Wolfsnout will be a great way to reduce the dust in a comfortable manner. Fingers crossed!!
  4. dmk395

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    How about for guys who wear glasses?
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    For eyes...Eyesnout.
  6. Patriot Services

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    Interested. We are butt deep in pollen and dry leaves right now. Papers don't fit well enough and latex or rubber would be miserable around here.
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  7. cslawnandlandscape

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    Going to check these out. I have asthma and I started using RZ mask which is awesome but it's a bit large. Pair it with glasses and radio capable earmuffs and I look like a damn robot. Still beats the hell out of wheezing like a sieve and coughing up all night.
  8. zturncutter

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    Ordered one, the pollen and dry leaves will be bad until the summer rains start. Will give a review after I have had a chance to use it.
  9. wegomow

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    Ordered one, thanks again for the LS discount. Can't wait to try it out, the Pine Tree pollen is ramping up. I will review also and if satisfied order a few more.
  10. sehitchman

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    Mine arrived today, I will review after I use it.

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