Brevard county (FL) lawn business for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Precision, May 5, 2008.

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    Complete turn key lawn business for sale. $78K

    95 Dodge D2500 Diesel
    84 Dodge D250 gas
    99 Ford Ranger 4x4 with custom landscaper bed
    16' open bed trailer Proline (8000 lb rated) w/ tool box

    750 hour Gravely PM260 (60" ZTR)
    450 hour Scag Z-cat (36" ZTR)
    1 - 21" toro 2 stroke commercial
    2 - 21" toro 4 stroke commercial
    2 Stihl BR 420 blowers
    2 Stihl BR 340 blowers
    1 Stihl 110R series edger
    1 Stihl 110R line trimmer
    2 Stihl 75 series edgers
    2 Stihl 80 series line trimmers
    other equipment like chainsaws, hedge trimmer, fert cart, irrigation repair parts, round up sprayer, chemicals and all the misc things as well.

    My gross sales last season were +/- $100K and average a bit higher over a the last 4 seasons. 60% or so of my transactions are via credit card and thus automated.

    My personal W-2 from the business was +/- $43K. This does not include the other advantages like company cell phone, company gas and everything else. My accountant put my total benefit at about $60K

    I have another business that is demanding more of my time than I can afford to spend on it while maintaining this business as well. My attempts to find labor have been LESS then spectacular so I have the business up for sale.

    All serious offers will be entertained. My asking price is $78K

    I want to sell the business as an entirety and will provide a no-compete agreement. Standard 2 year - 30 mile clause, but I will likely be moving from the area anyway.

    I also own a Property that has been used as an office, has mixed use zoning and plenty of space for storage and parking. If interested that can be discussed as well.

    Thank you for your interest.
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    Good afternoon,

    I am not sure of your situation, however, I have just taken over a very good friends company, who was killed, and have retained all of his customers. I have not began work on new accounts as of this point. I have plenty of laborers and only need a few for my new company. If you wish to provide all of the financing in order to obtain your accounts and equipment I would be willing to pay $4000 monthly for a period of 2 years which would net you $96000. I have all ready spent the majority of my cash getting this company back in the works. Again, I am willing to pay Under those terms unless you are pressed and need the full amount. Thanks for listening and good luck to you in the future.


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