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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gammon landscaping, Sep 10, 2006.

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    i have an install to do this week. and under the back deck(4-6 feet off the ground) he wants somthing other than mulch or grass(won't grow). he wanted brick chips or pea gravel. i have priced it out and i can get pea gravel for 28 per ton, and brick chips for 80. i have never spread brick chips, so my question is do they go that much further. or are they just that over priced.

    i know that lime stone rock is around 2800lb per yard
    i would think that the pea gravel would be close, but how would the brick chips wiegh out?
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    Use the pea gravel. It's much more economical for a location like that.
    I just got done putting in chipped brick mulch. It is lighter per shovelful than gravel and goes a little farther per ton but it's so much more expensive per ton that there is no real savings.
    But then, we pay $13.00 per ton for pea gravel and about $80.00 per ton for the brick.

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