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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by coolbrze, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Some friends asked me to help lay a brick porch approx. 5' x 7' off the back of their house. What do I need to do to prep the site? I assume I'll need to dig out an area, lay gravel (possibly), then sand (& tamp w/ a tamper), level then lay the bricks/sand in between them? What about a trim/outside edge plastic/rubber/poly piece I think I can get that from Home Depot or Lowes. Any other help is greatly appreciated.
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    Excavate to appropriate depth less in warmer climates more in colder climates. For a small area as you're talking about I'd say excavate to 10" below grade, compact your sub-grade, lay a geo textile membrane across bottom and up sides. Install granular 0- 3/4" compacted in layers of 3" or so. Add one inch max. of coarse grain sand, level, lay brick, cut if necessary, add restraint edge, compact, spread polymeric sand, compact second time, blow off remaining sand, lightly mist twice.

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