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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DBL, Sep 20, 2005.

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    OK our next job is a lady who wants a lot of stuff done to her house but we have a question about what we should do with her small parking area for one car. Weve done skid loader jobs and drive way cut outs but all with modified stone put in them. The area is 30' by 14' and she wants brick pavers as her driveway area. Its small but weve never dne it before and are just looking for some tips on how to do what to use and maby a quick price quote. Thanks Tom
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    Another question do add to that is: Do snow plows do damage to paver driveways?
  3. steve in Pa.

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    you first off need to have a soil seperation fabric, 8-10 inches of compactible stone installed in 2" lifts depending on plate compactor size, 1" of concrete sand and install pavers as instructed. Yes snow plows will damage pavers unless you have a rubber cutting edge installed on your plow.
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    We compact all our driveways with a roller.

    I think the model is DT44? We rent it.

    The measurement you stated is large enough to accomidate a roller.

    It will save on production time as you can compact in 4-6 inch lifts and it will cover a wider area :)

    Not to mention, it will be a much tighter compaction, giving you piece of mind that you did the job correctly.

    On a side note -

    People think paver driveways are alot of money. And really per square foot, they are less. You can manuaver better and you can compact with a real roller, which is at least 50% faster. Our paver drivways aint much more money tha asphalt! Keep in mind - asphalt is comprised of fuel, and fuel costs are SKY HIGH, thus making paver driveways appear not much more expensive.

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