brickman burned out the grass!!!!!!!

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    so this church next to our house has brickman mowing it, they destroyed this poor little lawn, i saw them last week, mowing on like 2, lol in a cloud of dust just burning the lawn out, they had to cut it like 3 times to try and disperse the grass. then i figured well they burned it so bad they wont be back for like a month, but nope next week, here they come, cut it just as low.

    i was amazed these guys did such a horrible job. these pics dont do it justace.

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    YEA FOR BRINKMAN THEY ROCK.......................With all there Mexican help blowing trash every where.They are in Sweet Water Oaks down the street from me. They mow this one common area where they blow there trash back up againts on of my clients side walks or the just leave it in the road. It got so bad, andI just got tired of telling the client go look in the back of my truck thats where your trash is , that i droped her like the plage

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    lol yeah they have one white guy who i assume is the forman/driver, he sits on his phone the whole time, and blows off, then 3 mexicans 2 mowing, 1 trimming.

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    Thats they way the run around Apopka Fl.They only got the common area, because the other companys sales rep messed up the bid and was late submitting it........:waving:

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    yeah i'll give em one thing, they mulched this church in like 30 minuts, lol they pulled up with like 3 trucks and 20 mexicans, lol they banged it out in record time.
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    Just for fun, what kind of mowers big companies like Brickman use??? And what is their principal setup ( truck trailer mower push mower etc.)?
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    They do the same thing here to. They have ford dumps with long enclosed trailers and exmark mowers.
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    hey just as a side note Brickman's labor might not be mexican. can we keep it professional here?
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    That grass isn't burnt from them cutting it. I would be very surprised if they are cutting at 2".

    You may not know but on commercial contracts you are contractually obligated to a # of cuts that are required each year. If they are on schedule, and there is growth it gets cut. The fact you say they came back the following week and cut it just as low states that there was growth, so of course they cut it.

    Dust is a naturally occurring problem that cannot be remedied without rain. The only thing you can do is idle your mower down. You cant skip a property because of a potential dust storm.

    Lastly, when you get to Brickmans size, try running it without Hispanic labor. In fact, when you get to 1/150th of brickmans size, try running it without Hispanic labor.

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