Brickman Starting Pay!?!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by nismov89, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. fivestarlandscapes

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    Try to get as much as you can at your hiring point or you will kick yourself later thinking you may have left money on the table. You do have some education so that puts you ahead of most.
  2. nismov89

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    yeaa gonna aim for 12 to start hopefully that works and they also know that i am futhering my education in a year when i start going for my B.S. degree, weather thats in horticulture or bussiness or even computers i will make that descsion depending on if i really like this field or not
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    I start at $8 during training (our minimum wage here is $7.25). Within a few weeks I'll bump a guy on my install crew to $12-13 and I'll move a good maintenance guy to $11.00. You won't be in control of a truck right away most likely. I'm not sure how they do their training, but mine is mostly hands on for a month or so before a different position is offered. A foreman in our area can range from $13 to $15. Again, not sure how Brickman does stuff; and wages are different from state to state. Good luck. I hope you make a career out of it, its a fun industry. Usually we do something different every day, or we change scenery every day.
  4. nismov89

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    yeaaa thats souns pretty good andy..... definatly fair and a hard worker should be compensated for there work... i love working hard makes the day go by... and its a work out lol hopefully brickman wil have similar pay or better how large they are
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    I worked for Brickman for a few years, I could fill you in, but....I am more interested in where in NY you are? I might have a better gig for you if you are local to me and interested.

    PM me if you dont want to post here.


    In edit, just noticed you dont have 10 posts, so you can email me here
  6. Wiljockey

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    I know this thread fizzled out over 2 months ago but was just curious if you came on w/ Brickman and how its working out for you. I've been w/ Brickman for about 6 years now...supervisor for 3 and I love it. I got hired in when I was 18 w/ minimal experience and I'm very happy that I hung on. Also to the dude who didnt want to drive his own truck...they have Ford Rangers for the operations managers (superintendants) now.
  7. nismov89

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    Yeaa im a crew leader actually been on for a few, its ok long long hours 645- usually 6-7 at night intill you walk into your house! they want me to possible become a supervisor but alot of responisbilty, im actually gonna try to get into the bussiness aspect of sales in which i think i would be much better at... overall its a good job though alot good guys and im deff learning alot
  8. Wiljockey

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    Thats great. I really enjoy the challenge of being a supervisor at a company that prides itself on quality and customer care.

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