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Brickman Trade In's...


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Indianapolis, In
Went to my dealers the other day and there sat two 60" exmark turf tracers.
I asked her about it and she said that brickman brings them in every two years no mater what. they have about 1,035 hours on them and my dealer has all service records on them because they do all the service for them. The only thing that I could see wrong was the top lid that covers the pulley(s) and belts. It looks like they run then under things cause they are kind of have little dents in it. The are for sale for $2,799 ea.
They have Kohler's om them but did not see what size.

Just wondering, is this a good deal?


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they kick the piss out of them, the lids are all dented because the weed wacker guys sit and stand on them while going back to the truck. i'd pass on them if it were me.


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pass her too


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You have to look at it this way:

If you're looking for a cheap 60" mower that's been beat to hell as either a back up or if you're starting up, then take the mower home with you. But don't buy the machine if you're looking for a nice new shiny mower with a warranty. You have to figure out what you want before you make any decisions.


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Ask your dealer! I know my guy doesnt lie to me (I hope) and when something is worth it or not he tells me. They have worked on the machines, they know what is going on with them.

Heck my dealer often sends me to the auto parts store/hardware store/home depot to get the same part, cheaper than he can get it for me. In the past he has even shown me quick little things to fix and whatnot.


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Indy burbs
I might be interested in one of those

Exmark Guy

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Cincinnati, OH
Theres a dealer around me in cincinnati that has multiple exmark turf tracers 60in. that have around or under 1000 hours and are i believe 2500$ each.. I was thinking about them and the probley wont be there for long. Check cincinnati craigslist then enter Exmark and you'll find them about half way down. Just wanted to throw that out because I think thats a steal on a great mower and I know there in good shape.


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Northern KY
I looked into buying used Brickman mowers last year, and the way I came to understand it was you have to really look at the one your going to buy, some are in great shape, and some have never even been greased in their life!! But I also heard the turf tracers are in much better shape than the ZTRs. I had another dealer tell me when you buy a used brickman unit, you cannot choose the one you want, you just get the next one in line so to speak, so I guess it is different with each dealer, but I would definitely want to choose the one I want, and not just take the next one in line!