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    There is really nothing wrong with the 6.0 powerstroke. They had issues just like every truck out there.

    If you buy a 6.0. Plan on this. ARP head studs and EGR delete. Depending on your area. around 3k. But dont do it until its needed. You may never need it. I still have not had 1 issue out of either of mine with 100k and 145k. I honestly LOVE the 6.0. The 7.3 is a solid motor and have not very little problems out of them but they dont put out the power like the 6.0.

    People that talk bad about the 6.0 dont really know how the diesel world works. Big trucks comes big repairs. If your looking at a chevy duramax....plan on replacing injectors. There are issues and repairs that will need to be made with any motor out there. Diesels just cost more.

    I would stay away from brickman trucks if i were you. If there being sold....there is a reason. I still see them driving around in 2005 trucks. but then selling 2007s with less miles.....there is a reason for it. There is something wrong with them. Something wrong that cost more then what they value them at.

    If i were you. I would buy a cab and chassis truck. for around 10k. spend around 5k to put a landscape body or a stake bed on it. and if your plow snow. put a plow on it. It may cost more now. but in the long run i think it will cost less. I have just under 15k in my truck. and this is how i did it after researching a brickman truck. 100k miles on it and no problems.

    If you stay with the brickman option then keep checking on craigslist and ebay. I heard brickman sells to a select amount of people. and its hard to find out who. They go for around 10k around me. and sometimes more.

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