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    But when people pick a career that they want to do or think about, the kids who go to college for a career, you don't invest that much time and money to only step down after 20 years into it because your getting older and slower. That will happen to all of us.
    That's why you work to retirement.....Not to step aside when some young stud comes in. You will not find a new job to start at that age. You keep what you got and hope you can make it to your retirement.
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    I would like to add to this. I worked at a ford dealer in as a mechanic for 16 years. This was a large dealership wit 2 locations and about 200 employees. Anyway after about 8 years there the managers came to each one of us with a paper to sign, it said in short - You as employee's of ######ford are free to end employment with this dealership at any time with out reason and we as your employer are free to end your employment here at ####### ford at any time with out reason. By signing this you agree to the terms of employment.- Now this was not exact words but very close. We had to sign it that day or we were fired. They were showing thst they owed us nothing.
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    I started at Brickman as a crew leader in nov 08, in july 09 I was promoted to maintenance supervisor(4 crews under me), and im only 20yo. I cant say i dont like working here it has it's up and downs like any other company. I like that my boss listens and takes my advice about how to improve efficiency. Last company i worked for everything was a**backwards. Now I make 4 times more money then other supervisors who work for local landscapers in Colorado, but I work alot more then them too. Youse should see the graveyards I mowed with 6 other guys, one place take 2 days with a 1/3 of the trimming only done. But still i would like to run my own company full time, right now just on the weekends.
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    Here some old pics. I'll post more as soon as i find them.

    2 trucks.jpg

    2 trucks 2.jpg

    Brickman truck.jpg
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    Miket0313 what is the brown box behind the regular cab truck , i have never seen them
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    We call those lunch boxes. The mexicans ride 4 deep in those. They are cheaper then the crewcab trucks and haul just as many people. That one in the pics really sucks to drive. All the wiring is exposed, you got to put in the right fuse to start it, to turn on the radio, to turn on the wipers, etc. My truck is the one in the distance
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    so you can work there and have your own landscape company? do they know?
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    Yea, they know, I take 2 mexicans on the weekends, pay them cash. I got a few fast food places, 3 auto parts stores , a mediumsized shopping center. What they told me is Brickman cant make money doing small properties like that, smallest crew we have is 5 people. You dont need 5 people to mow a burgerking you know. On any given week 3 of my crews have 280 manhours of work per week. 1 other crew has 200.

    truck mine.jpg

    truck distance.jpg
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    I live here on Hilton Head and there is no landscape company that does 37 million here on the island. There is one company in the top 100 here and there the The Greenery and they did about 17 million last year and we have both Valley Crest and Brickman here on the island. All that Brickman and Valley Crest do are large commerical and HOA's and Valley Crest has been a presence here for about 8 years and Brickman has been around for about 5 years. They both do good work but there's always room for improvement.
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    i cant tell you how much that drives me nuts we had our tank replaced and had to get it replaced again and ford wouldnt honor it cause we were 75 miles over the the warrenty cause it happened in southern ohio and we are located in northern and had to drive back. i cant stand ford at all.

    Inregards to brickman charging low and under cutting the competition.. thats how they do it they take five years to break even they come in low but as the years go by they jack the price and end up higher then you and I they have been doin it for years and i honestly beleive my 300,000 dollar company with old mowers and beat up equitment can do a way better job

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