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  1. exmark614

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    I must concur, in that picture above, the cut is good, but the stripes are terrible!!

    And to the employee of brickman, you bring mexicans and pay them cash? I hope the IRS finds you.
  2. EagleLandscape

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    Unfortunately the owner of Brickman is making more $$$ than all of us on this site combined.

    Gotta be doing something right:)
  3. exmark614

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    Shows that their revenue (not sure which year) is $500 Million. Just throwin out a number, 2% or so for a salary of the CEO is $10,000,000 plus bonuses, they are making more than that now but safe to say that $10,000,000/year beats pretty much everyone on the site. Some guy's businesses may gross that but in no way are their salaries that much.

    As another said, they operate like Walmart. Dirt cheap prices and they make it up with doing many projects in an efficient manner. I'm going to college (freshman this year) and operating my business to one day take my business to the level of Brickman or that alike, that huge salary would be nice!!
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  4. silverado212

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    Just curious, but is Brickman recruiting their employees from south of the border? Were you sent down there to give them paperwork to get them over here? I understand watching the bottom line, but hiring hundreds of border jumpers when there are more than enough LEGAL Americans that are starving in this country to give a job to. A typical mexican can work here for 6 months at $10 an hr and return to mexico and live like a king for a year. Don't fault them for wanting to work, but do fault the companies that hire them.
  5. P.Services

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    mike hurry up and get your 10 posts in. i want to talk to you.
  6. miket0313

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    Brickman's revenue for 2008 was around 615 million.
  7. turfbuilder

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    Don't know for sure but that sure wouldn't suprise me if they had some illegals working for them. We run into a Brinkman crew all the time at the gas station.
    None of them speak English.
  8. miket0313

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    Man we had one american work for us as a laborer but it was to much work not enough pay. Laborers start at 8.25hr(2009).7.50(2010) If you know any hard working americans willing to work for 7.50hr , 6:30am to 4:30pm, sweat breaking work by all means tell them to visit their nearest brickman branch.
  9. johnnybravo8802

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    I thought guys were making $15/hr.?
  10. exmark614

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    Doesn't surprise me. I love that they are successful but don't like that they bring in illegals and such. I'm not trying to offend anyone but I do not hire mexicans, especially if they can't speak english. Just makes your company look bad. My guys are professionally trained and my company's motto is to put professionalism back into the industry. That being we keep ourselves clean and wear clean company shirts and khaki work pants/shorts for summer and brown work boots. I think we as owners should invest the money into shirts, pants/shorts, and boots for our employees to make our companies look professional, as well as keep our equipment clean. It looks like those brickman trucks haven't been cleaned in weeks. It's up to us to improve the industry and weed out the jockeys that are fat, don't shave, and wear ripped up t shirts.

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