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    Thats good to hear! Im just saying that in a big buisness nobody should expect to be more then just a number...... do you get lucky from time to time? Sure.

    Around here your truck's allway's look to be in pretty good shape. They don't look like someone took a golf club to them.
  2. LawnmastersMikejr

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    Brickman started popping up in my area about 5 years ago and 3 years ago (if I remember correctly) they bought Groundsmasters who were a well established company that had mostly large commercial accounts and around 200 or so employees. I have noticed that the quality of work has gone way down hill and is starting to open up opportunities for smaller buisnesses to get larger commercial accounts. I have heard first hand that their customer service isnt the best but they must be doing something right to be as big as they are.
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    I'm super late into this but I came across this reply and I completely agree with looking professional and keeping the equipment clean! People will appreciate it.
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    I seen a brincman accont that relly looked turrible and I thought to myself wow I could relly stripe that won nice.

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