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    HAHAHa THis is a good thread! I have seen many large companies on vaca and I have seen Valley Crest in many of those locations. I dont give a hoot abou them I just know that the majority of the largest companies in my area and usa have many mexicans that work for very low wages. I think there are many localized companies that run much better operations. I had a job interview at a company in Hilton Head Island that pretty much do everything on the island and just off thats it. They are probally in a 50 mile radius and were number 37 on the top 100 last year with 37 million. Much better company in my opinion! They ran Valley Crest off the island a few years ago.
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    Question:Do you think Brickman started out big and receiving those "large discounts?" All companies start small and have a set goal-operate on quality or volume. You can't do both. Brickman chose volume. In order to get a lot of volume, you have to be the cheapest with the bids and that means cutting corners and a lot of times quality to keep up. Also, even if they get large discounts, it's still overhead and it's still money. Again, they started out paying full price. It's funny, you mentioned that they pay $15/hr. but when I went on their website a couple of years ago, a supervisor(running 4 crews) was only making $25,000-$32,000/yr. working 60+ hrs/wk. in the summer. You've got to be kidding!!!!:hammerhead:They aren't where they're at by forking out a lot of money on workers and if they were getting jobs at premium prices, they could pay decent salaries. It's about volume and low numbers, including the bids.
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    i know in my area if you have to bid against them your not going to beat them on price just quality of service. my buddy who is in the buisness had been taking care of a comercial property for around 52,000 a year for 3 years in a row this year they lost it to brickman they bid the job at 29,000 but then they do take care of 90% of the commercial work around here. wonder why.
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    I rest my case!:walking:
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    They aren't in my area so I don't have anything to worry about, which I'm glad for that.

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    I just turned in a bid to AB Inbev and I was bidding against Brickman. Around here they are not the cheapest. I will let you guys know the outcome in a few weeks. Its for a 3 year deal and its worth about $700,000.
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    I like your trailer, have any pix of it? Is it round tube steel. Is your truck just a 1/2 ton. Looks like your pulling a lot of weight.
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    Brickman earlier today...


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    I worked for Brickman for 9 years as an operations manager as well as being an account manager. I can tell you that operationally, you will be hard pressed to find any company that is as committed to efficiency as Brickman. There is a rhyme and reason for everything that is done. I am currently under a no compete so I will not share any details publicly, but I can assure you that anyone who wouldn't want to do "business" the way that Brickman does, needs to do their homework. As far as customer service goes, this is the area that the smaller LCO's will be able to get the upper hand. Not because Brickman as a company doesn't strive to be the best in this area, but because the account managers are so overloaded it is impossible for them to see their clients as often as even they would like to. As an example, I was responsible for the management of 80 clients, as well as $350K in new sales and $200K in upsales to existing clients. Now with that being said, in a 40 hour work week that gives me 30 min per client per week. That 30 minutes would include drive time, time with the client, resolving any issues on site, looking at problems reported by the client as well as evaluating the site with a trained eye to identify areas needing improvement. This doesn't leave much time for sales calls, canvassing, measuring(yes they measure most everything, at least I did)estimating, putting together bids and bid presentation. Then following up on all of the sales calls, proposed work.... I am telling you all this is the area where the small LCO can get the upper hand on the larger compaies out there. I personally met Scott Brickman on 3 seperate occasions and I can assure you that he is a quality individual who is interested in nothing more than giving each of his customers the very best. Unfortunately for Scott, he is not able to be in front of every client and he relies on people who may not feel the same way. In closing this book:) I did say I no longer work for Brickman and I believe that the reason I was let go was to make room for someone who would be accepting of less pay for the same workload (notice I didn't say experience or commitment and loyalty to the company) and I believe that I would have retired from there. I do believe that God has given me a great opportunity to get back to the part of this industry that I dearly love. Sorry again for the book.
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    Sorry, one more thing. As for the comments made about Brickman not caring for their employees; that is why they have the employee picnics, family days, Christmas parties etc. I know that the hispanic labor force is very important to them. I went to Mexico on 3 seperate occasions on Brickman's dime to visit our H2B laborersin their homes, meet their families and see what drives them to work so hard. Needless to say it was very humbling as well as inspiring for me. Even if Brickman hadn't payed for my trips, I would have gone on my own. I am sorry for the young man who didn't have a good experience with his superintendent because I treated each of my guys like family.

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