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    Anyone else do sub contract work for brickman. He in Harrisburg pa my buddy did some snow removal work for them. He is still waiting to be paid. They told him its because his insurance wasn't right. IfI his insurance wasn't right then why did they use him, he had to show proof of his insurance before getting the jobs.
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    There is more to the story. I know alot of guys who plow for them and have for over 10 yrs and never ever have any of them had problems getting paid.
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    Interesting. Just adds to the bullshit he's been telling me. I met him at a local mulch place here and he started seeing my work and liked it. Fed me a line of BS telling me he would keep me busy next year. He then asked if I would do his accounts while he was on vacation. I figured I better just because I didn't wanna piss him off. Haven't heard from him since he paid me.
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    Your buddy sounds like a big shot :rolleyes:
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    We had the same issue with Brickman. They refuse to pay for parking lot sweeping we did because they claim our insurance is not compliant. Even after a conference phone call with their compliance department assuring the A/P department that we were 100% compliant, we are still waiting on that check. Wrote it off a long time ago and don't do business with them anymore.

    Most of the 3rd party companies are realizing that they can get away with crap like this- USM has rejected numerous invoices because they were "not in a format our system recognizes," for "incorrect amounts" when it's the exact same invoice from the month previous with the updated date, etc.

    If they throw enough crap against the wall, eventually some of it sticks and the contractor just gives up or they can hold that payment longer and increase cash flow. Each invoice they don't pay goes right back into their pocket, and they know there's nothing the small companies can do about it.
  6. thompsonslawncare

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    Brickman is a very simple company to work for. Follow their contract guidelines, rules, and regulations etc. and you will receive a payment like clock work.

    Know your numbers prior to accepting a contract price and determine whether you can still make a profit for their propose price. If not, tell them. Generally they will work with you on adjusting the price.

    The main thing brickman wants is the workers comp an insurance forms kept up to date and a new form on file 30 days before expiration.
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    Unless you plow snow for them and you get screwed out of thousands of dollars and you get an attorney and they promise to pay and then they never do and then your manager gets fired bla bla bla bla screw brickman
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    I did job last year and at end of season last month of mowing it took me 3 months to get my money I called they told me they lost the invoice so I would send a copy then next time I called they told me they already paid it and there check came back I told them send me a copy of the return check
    The check they sent paid Sept invoice not Oct So I called again told them.
    I then told them in 15 days Im turning it over to my lawyer. I got paid
    Never again I'll work for them

    I talk few others around here had same problems
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    Worked for three seasons for them snow & lawn. Tree work Durring storms ect. Was burned out of 4 k the first season for mowing (was coaxed into staying ). Second season 2k for storm tree damage. 4 k for snow plowing the second season ) had to wait 2/3 months over the 30 day waiting period for the 40 k for mulch but was finally paid. Now still into me for approx 10 k they on top of that owed me approx 10k for lawn care for this season in July. They pushed me and my guys to the brink of " our work wasn't up to their standards, screaming like wild animals that we didn't weed properly or weed whack the parking lot , until we were let go and burned for 20k in july. They bounced me back and forth telling me the money was going towards the new company fixing all our weeding problems. So for approx 100k worth of work for almost 3 seasons, being treated as dogshit and not seeing 20k$ (which is the god dam real profit) is say our experience was not good. I know someone from Brickman is going to read this ;).little boys in brickman driving lettered priuss,someone might just have to say hello 😉
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