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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by dallen, Dec 8, 2006.

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    I'm developing organic-based fertilizer products. Poultry manure or mushroom compost-based (minimum 50%), fortified with urea, ammonium sulfate, methylene urea, phosphate, sulfate of potash, potash, iron sulfate and impregnated with several strains of bacillus bacteria, and/or mycorrhizal fungi along with various "bio-stimulants": many possibilities. Located east-central Illinois, I've found several local LCOs with some interest, but many only look at price and compare directly to Lesco or similar brands. I am attempting to locate LCOs willing to assist in product development and marketing. Wally-World sells organic produce for a reason: to satisify consumer demand and to make a buck. If it works for them, it can work for you. Surely a few of your customers are willing to examine alternative lawn care products. There is opportunity for a more "natural" or "organic" lawn care service, it just needs to be worked. Any ideas, comments or interest?

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    sounds like a great idea send me some
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    If you have a gun go ahead and shoot yourself now it will be more humane.

    I know a guy who has been developing these kinds of products for years, 20 or so. His products are the best I have found they break up compacted soils, buffer the salts, big problem in our area, give the flowers and grass the most vibrant colors. in short he has developed the product that you are working at. See www.biofeed.us to read up on his products

    He has university studies confirming all I have told you, he has referral letters from major league ballparks one of the park using his products was even voted the best training grounds in the country a year or two ago.

    He has also developed water clarifying products they use them is shrimp hatcheries and dairy stock ponds.

    They are great for agriculture too. Again university studies that confirm increased yields and so on. The products are affordable too, retail prices at about 20 per gallon with an application rate of 1-2 G per acre.

    He was at the forefront of this "organic "wave he had one of the first products out there now he is just one of the many.

    So what is the problem this guy should be living the good life.

    Greed, everyone wants to take his company, He gets investors and they want to tinker with things want controlling interest basically want to steal his company out from under him. Unless you want to sell your formula and let go and be satisfied with that I think you are headed for heartbreak I'm sorry to say.

    Buy Hey good luck with that.
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    well the biofeed guy should take some of that hard earned cash or knowledge and apply at least an ounce of energy to his website!
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    hey dallen i would be interested in experimenting on the side with your product. do you have a website, product catalog, pricing list, or anything like that so i can read more about the product?

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