briggs 18hp appears to be starving

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Nuconcepts, May 29, 2008.

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    I got a briggs 18 hp IC V twin Motor The model is 422707,type 151001. the problem is the motor starts right up no problem at all has all the power in the world. when the blades engaged on the flat it still has some power but not like it should.still good though. Ok when i go up a incline about 30 degrees the motor starts to die blades engaged or not. i can have it put along and sometimes pick up rpms if i fiddle with the choke about half way. this will keep the motor running and substain enough rpms to cut grass also. when i go up the incline in reverse without the blades engaged it will go right up. it struggles alittle in reverse with the blades engaged in reverse but it doesn't die like in forward, a little choke helps it alot and it becomes a beast. Also i realized if i cut on a bank sideways i'm screwed i can barley keep it running at all. I figure its a fuel problem. I even checked the governor to see if its working underload, it has not been tampered with and functions properly. as for the carb. its a bit different. no adjustment screws. Looks simple though and clean inside, i think its a nikki with a fuel pump attached to it. I also wanted to mention the tractor is a garden tractor with the tank in the back. i ran it with about 2 gallons of fuel in it. Would that be a problem with that kind of fuel system. thanks
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    You DOn't have a V twin. Yours in an opposed twin.

    Change the fuel filter.
    IF the problem persists, a couple new spark plugs.
    IF still persists, put in a new carb kit and clean the carb jet (ref 117) on the IPL'
    You can download the IPL at the Briggs site.

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