Briggs 35HP Vanguard Trouble

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 1998tahoe, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. 1998tahoe

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    I have started having trouble with my mower. Friday when mowing I cut the mower off to get a drink. Upon refiring it ran good for about a minute or so and then died. Like it was getting no fuel. Changed fuel filter, still nothing. Talked to my dealer, he said to give the fuel pump a little drink of gasoline to get it primed. Did that andd fired right up. Ran the rest of the day. Saturday only time shutting mower off was to move from one job to the next. Today after church went out to mow my personal yard, mowed about 45 mins, shut it off to move trailer from behind shop. When I refired the mower it again ran for a minute or so and shut down like it was starving for fuel. Took line off after fuel filter and squirted some fresh fuel in line and ran another hour or so. I am running ethanol-FREE gas. 93 octane, gas tank has been anywhere from half tank to nearly full when it has done this. :confused::confused::confused:
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    I haven't worked on a Vanguard 35, but from looking at a parts breakdown of one, it appears it uses a typical vacuum actuated fuel pump.

    There are a couple of possibilities that immediately come to mind. Check your oil for any gas smell. If so, you may have a small diagphram leak that is permitting fuel to enter the crankcase. The other possibility is that there may be a defective/blocked check valve in the fuel pump, allowing fuel to drain back to the tank. It doesn't seem possible that the fuel would go to the carb side if you haven't had any flooding problems at start up.

    I'm not that familiar with the fuel tank and fuel line pick up in the tank. Gravely had some problems with fuel line drops in the tanks developing leaks due to inferior fuel line material.

    The real mechanics will likely show up with other possibilities.
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  3. 1998tahoe

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    I believe this is a cam driven fuel pump. It only has 2 lines on it. Seems like when it died Sunday the fuel filter was empty. Like it had sucked it dry.
  4. Jason Rose

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    I have the same problem with my 29 hp big block. Talk to your dealer. They have a replacement fuel pump and fuel line with a check valve in it. It's a warranty issue, briggs knows there's a problem!

    Replacing the fuel pump and fuel line on mine didn't help though because of the 10% ethanol in our fuel in KS. Exact problem you are describing. I found that our farmers Co-op actually sells ethanol free 87 octane fuel so I've been using that the last few weeks with good results.
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  5. dutch1

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    You failed to provide model/type/code so I looked up a generic 35 and it was equipped with a diagphram pump.
  6. rwaters

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    I had a technician from a local scag dealership tell me they have had problems with the 35 vanguard fuel pump and have been replacing them with electric fuel pumps. I am not sure if this is a Briggs authorized fix as they are not Briggs authorized(so they could be voiding the warranty) but you might ask your dealer. Or if you post your model I can look up any fixes for your engine.
  7. djagusch

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    I have a 2011 35hp vandguard on a tt. Has the emission crap on it. If I run it out of fuel it won't start unless I put gas down the intake. Done it since 7 hrs. Tried nonoxy 87 and 92 fuel no change. Tried loosening the gas cap won't start. The diagphram pump looses prime and is seen in the fuel filter. Briggs says the carb air bleeders need to be cleaned as the pump can't push the float open and makes a air lock so fuel can't push it out. Briggs said carb cleaning was not warrantied (7hrs remember but has 90 now). Haven't had a chance to have the dealer clean the carb yet (he will cover the labor which is nice). The dealer says he don't think it is the issue but will try it. So ill let you guys know if it fixes it or not.
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  8. 1998tahoe

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    The model number for my engine is 613477-0168-E1 . It is a 35HP Vanguard.
  9. rwaters

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    the only thing I found is this... Same thing mentioned above with little results though. But at least if gives you something to try.

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  10. Ramairfreak98ss

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    so what was the resolution to this? Our 32hp Vanguard on our 08 Ferris has been doing this for the last few months.. so often and out of the blue that i've left it off the trailer several times when they couldnt get it restarted and had to tow it back with another zero turn. :/

    Same exact examples as above.. runs then dies suddenly, no fuel, seems no fuel is being sucked in, fuel filter empty suddenly etc.

    Usually, crew brings it back, i tow it off trailer OR start it right up, fires up with lots of choke.. then runs fine for a half hour, next day back on trailer, 2nd lawn, dies, towing it back :/

    We've removed the filters, lines and tank lines, cleaned out, checked everything but the motor itself, so is it the fuel pump on the motor then?

    Is it something Briggs or the Ferris dealer warranties?

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