Briggs 35HP Vanguard Trouble

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 1998tahoe, Jun 19, 2011.

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    if these units have the cam driven fuel pumps, you can replace them with the pulse style fuel pumps. I've done 4 of them under warranty. this will move the fuel pump up to the valve cover as seen on the newer engines. you need to drill a hole in the manifold to get the vacuum. all the units i have done all had the same symtoms. if unit was ran out of fuel it would not restart. i have not had any issues with the new pumps we put on.
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    The mechanic found on mine that the replacement fuel pump, supplied by briggs, was only putting out less than 1 pound of pressure, and of course not able to self prime at all. We replaced the fuel pump again and found the new one puts out like 3 psi. They also changed the needle valve in the carb, some have a plastic needle valve and briggs finally said this could be causing problems as well, a brass one went in its place. Since these final repairs I didn't have any problems. I even ran it out of gas just yesterday. Dumped 5 gallons in the tank, only half full, and it fired right back up with minimal cranking. Not the case before! Plus I didn't have the issues in the heat I was having either.
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