Briggs 407700 fuel shut off solenoid - no work

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Rain Man av, May 12, 2009.

  1. Rain Man av

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    I don't know EXACTLY which engine this is, I think it is a 407700. The reason why I don't know - the previous owner's mechanic took them literally when they stated they wanted flames, the mechanic left a fuel line loose and they got there wish. I replaced all the melted plastic and engine wiring harness. The original shroud was burned and I could not retrieve engine ID info. I purchased at auction all of the necessary replacement parts that I was told came from the same mower. Unfortunately, I needed the engine wiring harness and had to purchase that from a different person. The solenoid has two male square fork things inside a plastic rectangular receiver. The wiring harness plug for the solenoid I obtained has round females inside a rectangle with one side looking like a gable ended roof.

    Good news is the mower turns over, bad news is, it won't catch.

    After a few turns, the fuel pump began to leak gas out the weep holes. the carb is now flooded and drips gas onto the muffler. (if you got a match i can show you what a mower on fire looks like) I think the fuel shutoff solenoid is bad or the wiring harness to it isn't connecting properly.

    I have a plethora of questions.

    1) how does one tell if the solenoid is working, should it "click" or some other giveaway ?

    2) at what point should the fuel shutoff solenoid work - when you turn the key to on, or only when the motor is turning ? e.g - getting power via the alternator only ?

    2a) could connect wires directly to the solenoid and test it that way to determine if wiring or solenoid problem ?

    3) If I remove the Solenoid and install a plug, am I doing myself a disservice ?

    4) If a deer farts in the woods in a calm day and you walk by five minutes later, would you recognize the smell ? :cool2:

    ( I hope you had a nice winter Restrorob ) :walking:

    Once again, inquring minds want to know.:wall
  2. topsites

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    I hate to break the bad news, but there is fuel in your oil now.

    So you can't run that engine no more until the fuel leakage issue is fixed AND the oil and filter has been changed.

    Sorry, I wish I had better news, but failure to heed this advice will tear that engine up.
    It will run fine for a while but she'll start smoking in short order.

    Once fuel gets in it, the oil becomes contaminated, I bet if you checked it and take a whiff you can smell it.
    Don't ruin the engine.
  3. mowerknower

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    If you have 2 wires at the fuel solonoid, you can remove it from the carb, turn the key on and it should retract. Any time the key is in the on or start position it should be retracted. Dont install a plug in the fuel solonoid hole, if you want to get rid of it just cut off the tip. The only purpose of it is to prevent backfiring. Hope this helps.
  4. Rain Man av

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    you know, I'm so glad you mentioned that....I need to replace the oil filter anyway. It's leaking at the filter and I assume that the gasket was damaged during the fire.
  5. Rain Man av

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    Thanks for this info. It appears I either have a bad solenoid or bad wiring. I've got a bit of troubleshooting ahead. I robbed a solenoid off another mower, and when I connect it up, it doesn't "click" either. I don't know if this second solenoid was ever good. I really wish I know how to check them off the mower.
  6. Rain Man av

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    I have two wires. I have two wires on my craftsman mower. it clicks. I have a solenoid I robbed off a mower before junking, that solenoid does not click when I connect it to the craftsman. what fun.

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