Briggs 8-B


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hot springs Ar.
Hey to all once more. Been recurperating from some pluming work and unable to keep up. I love to play with old engines and have a problem, I would like to find a source for old new parts, for older briggs engines. I am in need of Carb. kits for the model 8-B.:) it is a small engine One and one half HP. they have a bowl
type carb and most of them the long jet, needle, and gaskest are shot. My dealer says the Company just laughs when he calls them about it. would sure like to find some kits,plugs, I think H-10 would work. Head gaskets, valves, rings
just general parts to rebuild and bring them back to life. This is about all I do any more. Oh yes I like to resurect old rideing mowers. some of the old three,four and five horse power jobs are a real treat when rode in a parade.
Thanks for any help on the parts. its nice to be back and follow the other problems that you all have.:waving: :)


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Ok rockytopp, I done some research today and found that we have 2 carb. kits in stock for your engine but no other parts. I found one of our aftermarket companies carry rings, A head gasket or complete gasket set.
I found that most parts for this engine is no longer in briggs pricing therefor probably no longer available. Also seems like I may have seen a old hard bound service manual on these engines also in some stuff that was picked up from another dealer years ago. If you don't have one just shout and I'll see if I can find it.
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