Briggs and Stratton 37 hp not starting


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My 37 hp Briggs on my 61 Wright zk sometimes will not start first thing in the am. Battery is good safeties are good. After it starts it goes all day np. Is there a fuel sensor in the fuel pump or a pressure switch in the fuel pump? It’s my first fuel injected mower so just looking for clues or if something may be going wrong,

Freaky Fido

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Northeast USA
Don't know but my first thought was a sticky fuel pump check valve. Have you tried leaving the ignition on for 10 to 15 seconds when in won't start and then engaging the starter again?


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Yes I have. What it does is turn key first turn I hear power up. I then turn the rest of the way to turn over motor and no clicking or anything like its dead or brake is disengaged. Sometimes after 3 to 4 tries it starts working and starts and goes all day without a hitch. Only thing new for me is the efi so wondered it it could be fuel pump related like a pressure sensor all other safeties are made. My other thought was maybe the switch itself. It has about 300 hours on it.

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