Briggs and Stratton options for Hustler z engine swap

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by dschell, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. dschell

    dschell LawnSite Member
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    I have a Hustler Z that, after a long commercial use life, is now used for residential use only. The Kawasaki engine is locking up when I try to start it - could be a bent push rod - but not sure yet. If I do end up replacing the engine, I'm wondering what my options are. the Kawa can go around $2000. A comparable sized Briggs is less than half that. Is there any Briggs model that would work? How about a Kohler? Or anyone know a supplier of rebuilt engines?

    Thanks for suggestions.

  2. homemower

    homemower LawnSite Member
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    You don't say how many hrs are on the motor.
    But I would rebuild the Kaw. Even with a new crankshaft and rod, piston, and valves it wouldn't cost near $2000. They are pretty simple to repair, and cost effective. Also there is the clutch size to match up for proper RPM's. NOTHING BUT MORE HEADACHS, LOL
    Making that drastic of a change will be one headache after another and probably so after it's done as every time you need something for it you don't have the right model and serial numbers anymore for that set-up.
  3. mowerconsultant

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    We have never offered a Briggs engine on a full size commercial ZTR, we did offer it on a FasTrak many years ago and the Sports now, both of which are much smaller residential units.
    With that being said, I am sure someone has done a Briggs engine install on our full sized commercial units, I am just not aware of it and what needs to be changed to make it work.

  4. dschell

    dschell LawnSite Member
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    I have started tearing into the Kawa engine - not looking good. First discovered a bent push rod. Then noticed pistons are not moving up and down in the cylinder - hear stuff rattling in crankcase - trying to get the crankcase cover removed - will start a new thread on "KAWA 23HP rebuild process."
  5. homemower

    homemower LawnSite Member
    from Ray,Mi
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    the noise you hear in the case is most probaly just Alumimun pieces that are broken up. I would empty out all the parts including end seals and start over with all new parts make sure you ridge ream the cyl. bore and if possible ck. the bore to the new piston size standard clearence is .002 but you can go up to as much as .006 without piston slap @ 3600 rpm after .008 you are in danger of this happening and motor failure so do this after the bore is honed and if you are still in specs. start repairing or have someone do it for you
    cost is still going to be less than $2000.
    Note: I don't know if the Kaw. can be bored to a larger piston but I would have to belive it can go .010 over you will just have to ck. and find out good luck
  6. dschell

    dschell LawnSite Member
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    After removing the crankcase cover from my Kawa 23HP, it was total devastation inside. Broken piston rods, broken camshaft, damaged cylinders, damage case, etc, etc.

    So I am back to looking for a replacement and still on the path of looking for a better deal than $1700 for a new Kawasaki.

    I have found a B&S 44Q777 (27 HP ELS XRD Intek) for $499 - an incredible deal in my opinion.

    Here are some comparison points between the two.

    1) Shaft on Kawa is 1 1/8 x 3 15/16 - BS shaft is 1 1/8 x 4 5/16 - I figure I can add a spacer on the shaft to make up the 3/8" difference. Both have a 1/4" keyway.

    2) Engine bolt pattern is different but that is a simple matter of drilling new holes in the Hustler deck.

    3) Muffler - will have to find a new muffler - will look for mowers that currently use this engine as a supplier

    4) Oil drain - will be pointing in towards the machine instead of out - but I can access through openings in the deck

    5) Alternator on Kawa is 13 amps - on BS it is 16 amps - not sure this will matter?

    6) Overall size/dimensions are nearly identifical - don't expect a problem there.

    Any other considerations I should be looking at?

    Thanks, Dave
  7. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
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    That is a lot of work to make the Briggs work....
  8. mcdc6

    mcdc6 LawnSite Member
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    I just installed that exact motor on my 72" Super Z. Bolted right up no problems. You can use the kawasaki manifold but have to cut the flanges, rotate and weld. Extend the distance between the two ports. But completely solved my problems. 70 hours on it now and blows away the kawasaki on power. Any questions i'll answer
  9. homemower

    homemower LawnSite Member
    from Ray,Mi
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    Well it sounds like you still have a good block, the crankshaft may not be damaged. Why don't you take it to a small eng. repair guy in your neighborhood and get a price before you commit to the Briggs?
    I would bet you will be surprised at just it might cost you and besides
    "nothing ventured nothing gained"
  10. dschell

    dschell LawnSite Member
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    MCDC6 - thanks for the offer of help. The auction closed yesterday and I was able to get that engine for $499 - just an incredible deal in my opinion and well worth the small amount of retrofit that is necessary.

    Some questions:

    1. Did you need to drill new mounting holes in the deck to bolt the engine to it?
    2. Will I be able to access the oil drain with the access port inboard now?
    3. Do you do anything to account for the extra 3/8" length in the BS shaft (Kawa is 3 15/16" - BS is 4 5/16)?
    4. Did you go with stock air filter on BS or connect it to the Donaldson on the Hustler?
    5. Does BS have separate throttle and choke that connected easily or is the BS a choke-a-matic that only required one cable?
    6. BS has no electric carb shutoff valve so that wire from the Hustler harness does not have to connect, right?
    7. BS has no oil pressure sensor, so again no need for that wire from the Hustler harness either, right?
    8. I knew I would have to modify exhaust manifold but wasn't sure how much until the engine actually arrives. From your experience, it sounds like a simple cut and weld job though.

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