Briggs Carb Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bbahun, May 29, 2007.

  1. bbahun

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    Here is what I got. Model 461707, Type 0143, Code 00111458. When I start the engine I am getting gas coming out of two little holes that are in the top of the carb. When the pan that the air filter sits in is ontop of the carb I am getting gas in the pan that the air filter sits in. I thought that the float needle was not sealing so I put a new needle in and still have this problem.Any ideas? Thanks---Ben
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    Check The Float Level And Make Sure Theres Not Any Trash In The Bowl If There Is You Could Have Something Keeping The Needle From Shutting Properly
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    EMT is right checking float level. Holding the top of the carb. up side down the float should be just a little higher than level. Also take the float in one finger and your thumb and shake it briskly, If it has a pin hole in it you will feel fuel inside and needs replacing.
  4. bbahun

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    The float is plastic and I don't think there is any way to adjust it that I know of. When I turn the carb upside down the float is below level and rests on the gasket. also it didn't have a float valve needle seat. Is that right? Thanks--Ben
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  6. bbahun

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    Thanks for the help guys. The needle that came in the carb kit was wrong. As soon as I put the old needle back in the problem was solved. They looked the same but when I put the new one in the float was below level and was resting on the carb body. With the old one the float stayed level. Thanks you guys are awsome!

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