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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by woody367, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. woody367

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    I have a briggs V-twin engine model#445775 type#0132-01. the govonor blew up on it. I got all the parts to fix it but can not find the shaft that the gov. gear rides on. I think it is pressed in the block. I do not see it any where on the parts list. Called Briggs and they told me if I do not see it then I can not get it. Also told me there is no tech support to call. Can anyone help me? Maybe with a part# or where to get one. Thanks
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    Well Woody,

    It doesn't look too good, The shaft is in fact pressed into the block in the position shown;


    If it came out or has gotten broken off in the block it's not offered as a separate part, In fact Briggs no longer offers a replacement bare block much less a shortblock or complete replacement engine of this spec.

    Hate to say it but, It looks like you have a spare parts engine on your hands.....
  3. woody367

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    Not what I wanted to hear.Yes the shaft broke and I got all of it out. This motor has no hours on it and is part of a generator. Some how I need to find this part. I guess I need to find a donor motor some place.
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    The governor on our briggs v-twin went about 2 months ago, with 136 hours on the motor. The motor disassembled its self from the inside due to the lack of a governor to control the engine's revs. Briggs ended up short blocking the motor under warranty. It still does not run like it should. When this "new" motor goes we will replace it with a honda or Kaw. I know this is not what you what to hear but it may be time for a new engine.
  5. fly-4-fun

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    If you could find the dimensions of the shaft you might could get a machine shop to fab you one .
  6. piston slapper

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    Stick a fork in it. Its done.
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