Briggs Engine swap/ repower?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mtek77, Mar 13, 2008.

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    newbie here, so hello to all.
    I have an OLD Ford LT75 lawn tractor.
    It currently has a Briggs 7 hp model = 170707 type 1190-01 code 72122111.
    Electric start.
    It is worn out, although it does run.
    I am running into a few problems. First there is no 170707's avalible any longer. So,
    I am looking to swap/repower this engine.
    I have been told, this engine was "replaced" by a 195702.
    I was then told this engine, too was not avalible.
    I was then told I could use a 28B702. These seem to be avalible. Doing research, I was again told that the 28B702 would need exhaust mods.
    Having 20+ years of automotive experinece, I am not terribly worried about modifing the exhaust if needed.
    My question(s) are to you all who do this more than I,
    Are the above statements true, and if so what types of modification to exhaust will be needed?
    What other engine(s) COULD I use?
    What other advise or suggestions would you all have for me? Junk the tractor? It really cuts GOOD and smooth. Nice trans. Good tires, belt bearings and idlers etc... Just want a "modern" engine.
    I am thanking you ALL who read this.
    Great forum.
    Thanks again
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    First, Welcome to LawnSite......

    You can use the 28B702 on this unit, The difference between it and the 170707 as far as exhaust is if I remember correctly the 170 has a 3/4" exhaust port as where the 28B is a 1"....

    Just a side note, When up-grading dis-continued engines always compare the crank diameter and lengths.

    I'm not familiar with this LT75 unit but it depends how the muffler/exhaust exits or clears the hood/side panel.

    Here are the muffler options Briggs offers for this 28B engine, You may be able to get by with one using a deflector to keep the exhaust off the hood/side panel ?


    Good Luck
  3. topsites

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    A new engine isn't going to bring the rest of the tractor up to specs, if it's that old...
    I do not know about the tractors condition, but I would consider this if the rest of the machine is pretty
    worn out it might not be worth it, but you have to know, I can not tell you what to do.

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