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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 1QWK96GT, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I have a agrifab leaf mulching tow behind vacuum that came with a briggs intek 190. Well the motor has been terribly neglected by the previous owner. Never changed the oil sat outside for years and got alot of water in it. The engine is not worth trying to salvage as it is in that bad of shape. I tore it apart and the cylinder bore is bad the ring gap is excessive..etc. I am looking for a intek 190 on craigslist and such (cause im cheap) and all I can find are intek 190's with straight 3/4" output shafts but the one on my agrifab is tapered. It starts at 1" and tapers down to .890" at the end. What can I do? I thought about buying one with a straight 3/4" shaft and swapping the cranks out. (but I really dont want to). I guess my question is did they use this exact engine in any other application? generators, log splitters, etc. I also see there is a intek 206 that is very similar. I am wondering if that will work? what engine can I use that will have a taper to its crank so I can press this impeller back on it.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for any input.
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    generally most generator engines have a tapered shaft ,and theres usually quite a few dead gennies with good engines available .
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    On the valve cover its stamped.

    110412 0158 E1

    Thats the build date and model number.
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    OK...... After checking your numbers, Your crank is not only tapered but keyed as well. From the crankshaft drawing your crankshaft has a different pitch taper than a generator, With a different taper and no keyway I'd say your impeller will not fit a generator engine.

    The direct replacement engine for your worn out one is 12S402 0028-F8......

    Cheapest I found;

    I wouldn't procrastinate too long, From what I see..... This engine is discontinued through Briggs......
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    okay I wanna rebuild this intek 190 can I purchase oversized rings and piston? If so from where? Thanks
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    Man this is something else for $300 you shouldn't even be talking about it no more, that's a really nice deal they done found you, you are lucky because I don't see them for much below $400 and that E-seller should be asking more yet you're still hemming and hawing like it's too much...

    Now you want to re-ring...
    But first it wasn't worth it...
    You ever rebuild an engine?

    Maybe you shouldn't have bought that thing in the first place.
    Neglected as you say it's been...

    I just don't get it.
    Maybe I'm dumb.
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    I have rebuilt engines before. This particular leaf vacuum was given to me, I just dont wanna sink alot of money into it because when I got it the trailer bottom had a ton of leaf debris in the bottom that has been holding moisture so far it has not rotted out/rusted through but dont know how much longer its got. Also I figure if I can rebuild for 50 bucks that better than spending 300. Basically I am curious where I can get .20 rings and piston? what site? Thanks
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    Thanks alot for the links. The second one says 791326 PISTON ASSEMBLY-020 I am assuming the -020 means .020 over. I wonder if thats piston and rings. And the other link is just the gasket set?

    Sorry for being a pain and thanks for the answers.

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